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Truc Bach Lake

Once upon a time, Truc Bach Lake played a supporting role in West Lake‘s aquatic drama. 

The fish, however, had their ideas and preferred this cozy corner. 

Enter two enterprising villages, Yen Hoa and Yen Quang, who decided to build a dike and called it Co Ngu—meaning ‘to hold firm.’ 

Thanks to a few mispronunciations over time, Co Ngu Street became Thanh Nien Street, and the rest is quirky street-name history.

Ngu Xa Peninsula: Where Bronze Bling Meets a Splash of Artistry

Venture east and you’ll stumble upon Ngu Xa, a peninsula with a bronze-casting village that puts the ‘bling’ in bronze.

Here, five villages from Bac Ninh gather to craft beautiful bronze creations, making it the place to be for anyone in the mood for some artistic eye candy.

Truc Yen Village: Where Bamboo Sways and Legends Weave

Nearby lies Truc Yen village, a bamboo haven known as Truc Lam. 

In a fit of inspiration, Lord Trinh Giang built a palace here, which later doubled as a detention center for misbehaving palace maids. 

Forced into silk weaving, they inadvertently birthed a legend—the famous Truc Bach silk, also known as bamboo silk.

Historical Gems: Temples, Pagodas, and Stories Untold

Surrounding the lake, you’ll find a treasure trove of ancient relics. 

Quan Thanh Temple, Chau Long Pagoda, and Cau Nhi Temple—each with its unique story, adding a touch of mystique to the Truc Bach landscape.

Yen Phu Power Plant: Shockingly Electrifying History

In 1925, the French decided Truc Bach needed a jolt and built the Yen Phu power plant. 

This powerhouse supplied electricity to Hanoi until the ’80s and became a target during the Vietnam War. 

John McCain’s unplanned swim in Truc Bach Lake after his plane mishap added a unique chapter to the lake’s electrifying history – and today, there’s a small memorial of him called John Sidney McCain Memorial.

Urbanization Tango: Modernity Takes Center Stage

As Hanoi evolved, the quaint villages around Truc Bach Lake met their fate, making way for modern marvels. 

Once embraced by ancient charm, the lakeside now boasts stone dams and a striking road circling its perimeter.

Streets of Truc Bach: A Navigation Challenge with French Flair

Navigate the quirky streets around Truc Bach Lake, from the mispronounced Thanh Nien Street to the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Truc Bach Street and the poetic Tran Vu Street. 

Each lane comes with historical twists, turns, and perhaps a misplaced pronunciation.

Truc Bach Lake
LocationBa Dinh district, Hanoi capital, Vietnam
OriginOriginally part of West Lake
HistoryFormerly known as West Lake’s Southeast corner, key role in fish gathering and dike building
Notable FeaturesNgu Xa bronze casting village, Truc Yen village with bamboo trees, historical temples, and pagodas
Significant EventYen Phu power plant construction in 1925, targeted during the Vietnam War
ModernizationSurrounding ancient villages replaced by modern architecture, stone embankments, and a road encircling the lake
Streets AroundNotable streets include Thanh Nien Street (formerly Co Ngu Street), Truc Bach Street, Tran Vu Street

Truc Bach Lake is nestled in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi capital, Vietnam, originally part of the West Lake.

Discover this charming corner where history and tranquility converge.

Indeed, Vietnam pays tribute to the indomitable spirit of John McCain with a memorial.

The John Sidney McCain Memorial stands by the shores of Truc Bach Lake—the very place where McCain’s journey through the complexities of the Vietnam War began, marking the start of his enduring ordeal. 


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