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Quan Thanh Temple

Welcome to Quan Thanh Temple, the Taoist hotspot in Hanoi that’s been throwing divine parties since the 11th century. 

Dedicated to Xuan Wu, or as the cool Vietnamese crowd calls him, Trấn Vũ, this temple is not just a place of worship – it’s where the gods grab a seat and enjoy the view.

Legends & Lore: When Emperors Played Matchmakers

According to legend, Emperor Lý Thái Tổ played Cupid and set up Quan Thanh Temple during his reign. 

Trấn Vũ, the deity of the North, armed with a serpent and a turtle, guards Hanoi against evil spirits. 

It’s like having a superhero, but way more divine.

Protecting the Capital: Four Temples, One Mission

Quan Thanh Temple is the North’s bodyguard, with Bạch Mã, Kim Liên, and Voi Phục covering the other directions. 

Forget security alarms; these temples have been warding off trouble since the 11th century.

Where Tran Vu Meets His Twin: Gia Lâm’s Hidden Gem

Do you think Quan Thanh is the only Tran Vu joint in town? Think again!

Gia Lâm District has its mini version dedicated to Trấn Vũ. 

It may be smaller, but it’s got a 9-tonne statue that packs a divine punch.

Temple Tango: Quan Thanh’s Dance with History

After a few layout remixes in Hanoi, Quan Thanh Temple now flaunts its beauty on the corner of Quán Thánh Street, grooving to the rhythms of Thanh Niên Street and facing off with West Lake

In October 1967, the renowned pilot who would later become a United States senator, John McCain, faced a pivotal moment as he was shot down near this very spot.

Architectural Mixtape: Beats by Imperial Era

Quan Thanh Temple is the ultimate architectural mixtape, with renovations dropping beats since 1893. 

Picture a giant banyan tree shading a massive yard and a shrine flaunting the star of the show – the bronze Trấn Vũ statue.

Divine Artistry: Huyen Thien Tran Vu Statue Unveiled

Hold your breath because Quan Thanh Temple isn’t just about vibes; it’s also a stage for artistic brilliance. Behold the black bronze masterpiece – the Huyen Thien Tran Vu statue. 

Cast in the 2nd year of Vinh Tri (1677), this 4-ton deity is not your average garden ornament.

The Huyen Thien Tran Vu statue is a visual symphony featuring a stern yet calm face, a turtle serving as a platform, a snake wrapped around a sword, and a beard that could rival any ancient philosopher. 

Bronze Chronicles: Masterpieces and Poetry

Step into Quan Thanh Temple, and you’re stepping back in time.

The 17th-century bronze masterpiece, crafted by the legendary Trùm Trọng, tells tales of serpents, turtles, and a poetry collection older than your great-great-grandma.

It’s not just a temple; it’s a living history book!

Quan Thanh Temple

Quan Thanh Temple Overview

Quan Thanh TempleOG Taoist hotspot dedicated to Trấn Vũ, standing since the 11th century.
Legends & LoreIt was established during Emperor Lý Thái Tổ’s reign, guarded by Trấn Vũ with serpent and turtle symbols.
Protecting the CapitalPart of the Four Sacred Temples safeguarding Hanoi from all directions.
Where Tran Vu Meets His TwinDiscover Gia Lâm’s smaller Tran Vu Temple with its divine 9-tonne statue.
Temple TangoStriking corner presence at Quán Thánh Street, dancing with Thanh Niên Street, facing West Lake.
Architectural Mixtapehas been renovated multiple times, featuring a giant banyan tree and the iconic bronze Trấn Vũ statue.
Bronze ChroniclesHome to a 17th-century bronze masterpiece by Trùm Trọng, capturing tales of serpents, turtles, and ancient poetry.
Divine ArtistryMarvel at the black bronze Huyen Thien Tran Vu statue, a 4-ton masterpiece with symbolic elements.
Legends UnveiledExplore tales of Huyen Thien Tran Vu’s heroism, from battling invaders to aiding the construction of a citadel.


Quan Thanh Temple dates back to the 11th century and was established during Emperor Lý Thái Tổ’s reign. Dedicated to Trấn Vũ, it’s part of the Four Sacred Temples protecting Hanoi.

The entrance fee for Tran Quoc Pagoda is 10,000 VND per person.


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