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Dong Do Lake

Step into the tranquility of Dong Do Lake (Hồ Đồng Đò), a peaceful oasis mere moments from the vibrant heart of Hanoi.

Nestled in Minh Tri commune, Soc Son district, this artificial freshwater lake is a nature lover’s paradise, offering a tranquil retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle.

A Natural Marvel

Spanning approximately 45 hectares and boasting a capacity of 900,000m³, Dong Do Lake is not just your average body of water. 

The lake’s picturesque landscape, surrounded by lush pine forests and flanked by the majestic Ham Lon mountain, is a sight to behold. 

Its crystal-clear waters teem with fish, making it a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts.

A Rich History

Dong Do Lake is more than just a pretty sight—it’s steeped in history. In 1592, during the reign of the Mac dynasty, the lake played a pivotal role in Vietnamese history. 

As the capital of Thang Long fell, the Mac dynasty chose Cao Bang as the new capital. 

The royal court and precious artifacts took a secret route through Dong Do, adding a layer of intrigue to the lake’s already rich tapestry of stories.

Unraveling Mysteries

In 2005, archaeologists made a remarkable discovery near Dong Do stream in Minh Tan village. 

They unearthed a megalithic relic, believed to be around 2000 years old. 

This relic, known as the “Na is a stone table,” consists of two Dolmen-type megaliths. While its exact purpose remains a mystery, experts believe it may have been used for worship by prehistoric inhabitants.

A Modern-Day Escape

Dong Do Lake is a popular destination for tourists and locals. Its eco-tourism allure and proximity to Hanoi’s city center make it an ideal spot for picnics, camping, and nature walks. 

Whether you’re seeking adventure or a moment of tranquility, Dong Do Lake has something for everyone.

Preserving the Past

As we marvel at Dong Do Lake’s beauty and history, it’s crucial to remember the importance of preserving its heritage. 

Local communities continue to worship at the megalithic relics, hoping these ancient treasures will be protected and studied for generations.

Visit Dong Do Lake Today

Experience the magic of Dong Do Lake for yourself. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or simply searching for a peaceful getaway, Dong Do Lake offers a slice of paradise in the heart of Hanoi. 

Plan your visit today and discover the beauty and history that await you at Dong Do Lake.

Dong Do Lake
Dong Do Lake Summary
LocationMinh Tri commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi city
Distance from Hanoi CenterApproximately 40 km
Size45 hectares
Features– Surrounded by pine forests
– Fish-stocked with depths over 20m
– Location of placer gold (not mined)
Historical Significance– Mac dynasty’s route to Cao Bang in 1592
– Discovery of megalithic relic in 2005
Current UsePopular eco-tourism and picnic spot
Additional Information– University discovery of megalithic relic in 2005
– Continued local worship and preservation efforts


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