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Indira Gandhi Park (Thanh Cong Lake Park)

In the heart of Hanoi, Indira Gandhi Park, also known as Thanh Cong Lake Park, or Công viên Indira Gandhi in Vietnamese, is a beautiful, serene oasis amidst bustling city life. 

Named after the first female Indian prime minister, this park is more than just a green space—it’s a tribute to a remarkable leader.

A Park with a Rich History

Originally located next to Hoan Kiem Lake, the park was relocated to its current location, Ly Thai To Flower Garden

In 2004, following discussions with the Indian Ambassador to Vietnam, the park was officially renamed and designated as Indira Gandhi Park, complete with a bust of Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

A Green Lung in the City

Spanning over 8.6 hectares, with 5.9 hectares of water surface, Indira Gandhi Park is a vital green lung for Hanoi. 

The park features a carefully embanked path around the lake, adorned with stones, and a fountain in the middle of the lake, adding to its charm and tranquility.

Threats to its Beauty

Despite its beauty and historical significance, Indira Gandhi Park faces challenges such as deterioration, waste, and encroaching development. 

In recent years, proposals have been to fill part of Thanh Cong Lake for various construction projects, which has sparked concerns among residents and experts alike.

A Haven for Recreation

Indira Gandhi Park offers a range of recreational activities for visitors. 

From sports playgrounds to areas for cultural and entertainment activities, the park is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

Addressing Environmental Concerns

To address environmental concerns, measures have been taken to maintain the park’s cleanliness and ensure proper drainage, especially during the rainy season. 

Efforts by the Hanoi Drainage Company and other authorities aim to preserve the park’s beauty and functionality.

Preserving a Green Legacy

Indira Gandhi Park’s legacy as a green oasis in the heart of Hanoi is worth preserving. 

As the city continues to preserve and enhance the park, it stands as a symbol of its dedication to green spaces and environmental conservation.

Explore Indira Gandhi Park

Indira Gandhi Park invites you to explore its beauty and tranquility. 

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or a place to enjoy recreational activities, the park offers something for everyone. Visit Indira Gandhi Park and discover the green heart of Hanoi.

Indira Gandhi Park (Thanh Cong Lake Park)
Indira Gandhi Park Summary
NameIndira Gandhi Park
LocationBa Dinh district, Hanoi
Size8.6 hectares (5.9 hectares of water surface)
FeaturesThe path around the lake, fountain, sports playground
HistoryNamed after the first female Indian prime minister, located initially next to Hoan Kiem Lake
ChallengesDeterioration, waste, encroaching development
Environmental ConcernsEfforts to maintain cleanliness and proper drainage


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