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Thu Le Park & Zoo

Nestled in the heart of Hanoi, Thu Le Park, or as some call it, the charming Thu Le Zoo, spans a generous 29 hectares. 

Picture this: a tear-shaped oasis cradling a serene lake, just waiting for you to explore its wonders. 

The name “Thu Le” suggests a place where tears are held close and the tales this place could tell!

Time Travel at Thu Le Village: Unraveling Ly Dynasty Legends

Step into the past as you discover Thu Le Village, an ancient relic from the Ly Dynasty. 

Wander through the echoes of history, where legends of Linh Lan and the sacred Voi Phuc Temple whisper tales of a land steeped in civilization for thousands of years.

A Symphony of Architecture: Thu Le Park’s Natural Harmony

Thu Le Park is not just a random collection of rides and cages; it’s a meticulously crafted masterpiece. 

Starting May 19, 1975, construction created a landscape where architectural wonders harmonized with natural beauty, creating a serene escape within the bustling city.

The 6-Hectare Teardrop: Thu Le’s Watery Embrace

Within this tear-shaped wonderland, 6 hectares belong to a picturesque lake, creating an atmosphere of tranquility that envelops visitors.

Lose yourself in the beauty of the water, where nature and artificial marvels coexist in perfect equilibrium.

Navigating the Jungle: Thu Le Zoo’s Rare Species Expedition

Thu Le Zoo isn’t just a place; it’s a sanctuary for Vietnam’s rare animal species. Immerse yourself in the diverse ecosystem, where conservation meets entertainment, and each visit becomes a journey into the heart of the country’s wildlife.

Westward Wonders: Thu Le Park’s City-Close Escape

Escape the hustle and bustle of Hanoi’s center and embark on a 5 km journey westward to discover the enchanting corner of Kim Ma, Cau Giay, Buoi, Dao Tan, and Nguyen Van Ngoc streets. 

Here, at the gateway of Thu Le Park, urban life takes a backseat to the wonders of nature.

Hanoi’s Unleashed Charm: Thu Le’s Cultural Evolution Since 1976

Thu Le Park officially opened its gates on May 19, 1976, marking the beginning of a cultural evolution. 

This oasis has evolved over four decades, embracing change while holding onto the essence of Hanoi’s rich history. 

Join us in celebrating the timeless charm of Thu Le Park, where tradition meets modernity in the heart of Vietnam’s capital!

Thu Le Park

Thu Le Park Hanoi – Quick Facts

LocationKim Ma Street and Buoi Road, Hanoi
TransportationTaxis, Motorbikes, Ha Noi Bus No. 9
EntrancesTwo – Kim Ma Street and Buoi Road
Area29 hectares
FeaturesGreen Park, Zoo, Amusement Park
Construction StartedMay 19, 1975
Official Opening1976


Access to the park is available through two entrances—one on Kim Ma Street and the other on Buoi Road.

Optimal transportation choices include taxis and motorbikes and for those looking to utilize public transportation,

Ha Noi Bus No. 9 is a convenient option.

Thu Le is a multifaceted destination, combining the elements of a Green Park, a zoo, and an amusement park.


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