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Thong Nhat Park

Welcome to Thong Nhat Park, a hidden gem in Hanoi’s heart. 

This lush oasis offers a refreshing break from the bustling city life, inviting locals and travelers alike to bask in its tranquility.

A Brief History and Facts

Thong Nhat Park isn’t just your average city park; it’s the granddaddy of green spaces in Hanoi, Vietnam. Nestled in the city’s heart, it proudly hosts Bay Mau Lake, like the VIP of serene water bodies. 

Surrounded by the fancy streets of Tran Nhan Tong, Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Le Duan, and Dai Co Viet, it’s practically the Beyoncé of parks in Hai Ba Trung district. 

Despite its A-list location, this park is the James Bond of tranquility – quiet, mysterious, and oh-so-airy.

Picture this: you’ve got Bay Mau Lake right in the center, just chilling like the cool kid in high school. 

Even though it’s rubbing shoulders with four busy streets, this park remains the Zen master of relaxation and fun.

Whether you’re into group activities, plotting world domination (or maybe just studying), Thong Nhat Park has your back.

Zen and the Art of Relaxation

Escape the urban hustle and find your Zen within the park’s serene ambiance. 

Whether you’re into strolls, yoga, or simply lounging by the lake, Thong Nhat Park provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation. 

Unwind and recharge amidst the picturesque surroundings.

Lakeside Serenity: Rowing and Romance

The park boasts a charming lake that adds a touch of romance to the landscape. 

Take a boat ride with a loved one or enjoy the view from one of the many lakeside benches. 

The tranquil waters and lush greenery create an idyllic setting for a romantic escape in the heart of Hanoi.

Fitness Fanatics Rejoice: Active Pursuits

For those seeking a more active escape, Thong Nhat Park has you covered. 

Engage in various sports, from badminton to jogging, and join the locals in their morning tai chi sessions. 

It’s not just a park; it’s a fitness haven that caters to the diverse interests of Hanoi’s energetic populace.

Cultural Encounters: Sculptures and Art

Thong Nhat Park isn’t just about nature; it’s a canvas for cultural expression. 

Admire the park’s sculptures and art installations that weave seamlessly into the greenery. 

Each piece tells a story, adding more depth to your park experience.

Gastronomic Delights: Picnics and Street Eats

Pack a picnic, grab some local street food, and make the most of Thong Nhat Park’s designated picnic areas. 

Immerse yourself in the flavors of Hanoi while surrounded by nature. 

It’s the perfect blend of culinary delights and outdoor ambiance.

How to get there?

Here’s the lowdown on getting there – not one, but two entrances! One is on Le Duan and Hai Ba Trung Streets, and the other is on Dai Co Viet Street, cozying up to Polytechnic University and the Central Circus. 

Getting here is as easy as stealing candy from a baby – motorbike, bus, or car, take your pick. Park your trusty steed (or motorbike) outside for a mere 5,000 VND/day, or hop on the bus with routes that casually swing by the park: 03, 32, 35, 41, 44, and 51.

In the grand scheme of city parks, Thong Nhat Park isn’t just a park; it’s the VIP lounge of green escapes. 

So, lace up those adventure boots and get ready for a date with the Beyoncé of Hanoi parks – Thong Nhat, where tranquility meets street-smart style!

Thong Nhat Park
LocationHai Ba Trung district, Hanoi, Vietnam
SizeOne of the largest parks in Hanoi
LandmarksBay Mau Lake, Tran Nhan Tong Street, Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Le Duan Street, Dai Co Viet Street
FeaturesTranquil environment, ideal for relaxation, group activities, and study
EntrancesTwo entrances – Le Duan & Hai Ba Trung Streets, Dai Co Viet Street
AccessibilityMotorbike, bus (Routes: 03, 32, 35, 41, 44, 51), car
ParkingMotorbike parking is available outside the park gate (5,000 VND/day)


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