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Hanoi Botanical Garden (Bach Thao Park)

Nestled in the northwest embrace of Hanoi, the Botanical Garden emerges as a vibrant testament to nature’s resilience amid historical upheavals. 

Established during the French colonial invasion, it now stands tall as Hanoi’s green lung, where ancient trees witness the city’s tumultuous past.

A Miniature Marvel: Nature’s Extravaganza

The Hanoi Botanical Garden isn’t just a park; it’s a miniature world featuring mountains, forests, and lakes that transport visitors into a green wonderland. 

It’s like a diorama Mother Nature crafted to prove she’s the ultimate artist.

Wood Wonders: A Tree-Tastic Expedition

Step into the botanical haven and surround yourself with rare and precious wood species, a Southern tropical humid forest squeezed into narrow quarters. 

More than just trees, it’s a botanical bonanza with 2/3 local and 1/3 imported species showcasing their diversity from America, Africa, and Oceania.

Giant Marvels: Trees That Break Size Norms

Prepare to be amazed by trees with diameters dwarfing humans and columnar giants from the areca palm family.

The botanical spectacle includes wooden wonders with sprawling secondary root systems, climbing plants, blooming orchids, and an explosion of colorful ornamental plants.

Wild Neighbors: Squirrels and Monkey Business

The Hanoi Botanical Garden isn’t just about flora; it’s a haven for fauna, too. 

Encounter lively residents like squirrels and long-tailed monkeys as you stroll through this urban oasis. 

It’s a bit like a miniature animal kingdom thriving amidst the greenery.

A Green Haven in the Urban Jungle

In the ever-changing landscape of Hanoi, the Botanical Garden stands as an unwavering symbol of consistency. 

Amidst the urban clamor, it offers a peaceful respite where students frolic, tourists explore, and older people find solace. 

The city’s time capsule is where nature and people dance harmoniously.

Nature’s Venue: Where Love and Ceremonies Blossom

Beyond its greenery, the Hanoi Botanical Garden transforms into a romantic backdrop for couples expressing love. 

The venue’s tranquility extends to hosting solemn ceremonies turning the hall into a picturesque setting for weddings, conferences, seminars, and birthdays. 

It seems that celebrations find their perfect bloom amidst the flora and fauna!

Hanoi Botanical Garden
Hanoi Botanical Garden Information
LocationNorthwest of Hanoi, Vietnam
EstablishedDuring the French colonial invasion
Main FeaturesMountains, forests, lakes
Tree Diversity2/3 local species, 1/3 imported species (from America, Africa, Oceania)
Notable TreesDiameter of 2 or 3 people, columnar trees from the areca palm family
Resident AnimalsSquirrels, long-tailed monkeys
Urban OasisA peaceful space amidst the city’s hustle and bustle
Special VenueUsed for weddings, conferences, seminars, birthdays




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