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What is nice to buy in Hanoi?

Welcome to Hanoi’s vibrant and culturally rich city, the heart of Vietnam’s bustling capital!

As you explore this enchanting metropolis, you’ll discover a treasure trove of unique and exquisite items that make for memorable souvenirs and gifts.

From the delicate artistry of traditional silk products to the flavorful world of Vietnamese coffee, Hanoi offers an array of shopping experiences that captivate your senses.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the must-buy items in Hanoi, showcasing the city’s diverse culture, heritage, and the essence of daily life.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, our guide will help you navigate the bustling markets and artisan shops to find the perfect souvenir of your time in this remarkable city.

What is nice to buy in Hanoi

What to Buy in Hanoi?

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, offers a wide range of shopping opportunities, and several items are excellent to buy in the city.

Here are some popular souvenirs and items to consider purchasing while in Hanoi:

Silk Products

Vietnam is known for its high-quality silk, and Hanoi is a great place to buy silk clothing, scarves, and accessories. The Old Quarter has many silk shops where you can find a variety of designs.

Art and Lacquerware

Hanoi is famous for its traditional art and lacquerware.

Beautifully crafted paintings, lacquered plates, and other artistic items exist. The Hang Gai Street (Silk Street) is known for its art shops.


Hanoi is known for its handicrafts, such as wooden carvings, ceramics, and bamboo products. Look for these items in the local markets and craft stores.

Dong Ho Paintings

Dong Ho paintings are a traditional Vietnamese folk art form. They depict scenes of daily life and are made using woodblocks. These make for unique and beautiful souvenirs.

Ao Dai (Traditional Vietnamese Dress)

If you’re interested in Vietnamese fashion, consider buying an Ao Dai, the traditional dress for women. You can find a wide range of designs and tailor-made options.

Local Coffee and Coffee Accessories

Vietnam is known for its strong and flavorful coffee. Consider buying local coffee beans, filters, unique coffee mugs, and paraphernalia.

Vietnamese Conical Hats (Non-La)

These traditional hats are a practical accessory for protection from the sun and rain and a symbol of Vietnamese culture. They make for great souvenirs.

Street Food and Spices

If you’re a food enthusiast, Hanoi’s street food scene is vibrant.

You can buy various spices, herbs, and sauces used in Vietnamese cuisine, such as fish sauce and shrimp paste, to bring the flavors of Vietnam back home.

Wooden Puppets

Water puppetry is a traditional art form in Vietnam, and you can buy wooden water puppets as a unique and artistic souvenir.

Antiques and Vintage Items

Hanoi has a thriving antique market where you can find unique and historic items, though be cautious about purchasing antiques and ensure they comply with export regulations.

When shopping in Hanoi, visit local markets like Dong Xuan Market, Night Market, and the Old Quarter for a wide selection of items. Bargaining is common in markets, so don’t hesitate to negotiate prices.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to research customs regulations and restrictions for bringing these items back to your home country, especially if you plan to buy antiques or certain agricultural products.

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What is the best thing to buy in Hanoi, Vietnam?

Determining the “best” thing to buy in Hanoi, Vietnam, can be subjective and depends on your interests and what you’re looking for.

However, some must-try or unique items that are worth considering buying in Hanoi include:

  • Ao Dai, the traditional dress of Vietnam
  • Silk products such as clothing and accessories
  • Local coffee and coffee accessories
  • Dong Ho paintings, a traditional Vietnamese folk art form
  • Handicrafts like wooden carvings and ceramics

Exploring the city and its local markets is the best way to experience Hanoi’s shopping scene.

There, you’ll find many items that showcase the city’s rich culture and make for memorable souvenirs.

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Where to buy cheap souvenirs in Hanoi?

Suppose you’re looking for affordable souvenirs in Hanoi. In that case, you’ll want to explore local markets and street vendors, as they typically offer various items at more budget-friendly prices.

Here are some places to find cheap souvenirs in Hanoi:

Dong Xuan Market

Located in the Old Quarter, Dong Xuan Market is one of Hanoi’s largest indoor markets. It’s a great place to find various souvenirs, from clothing and accessories to handicrafts and traditional Vietnamese products. Bargaining is shared here.

Night Market

Hanoi’s Night Market occurs on weekends in the Old Quarter (from Friday to Sunday evenings). Vendors line the streets, selling everything from clothing and accessories to street food and small souvenirs. Prices are often competitive, and you can negotiate with the sellers.

Hiệu sách Nhã Nam Linh Đàm Bookstore

This bookstore is an excellent place to find inexpensive Vietnamese literature, postcards, and artwork. It’s located on Nha Tho Street in the Old Quarter.

Local Street Vendors

Along the streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, you’ll come across numerous street vendors selling handicrafts, trinkets, and souvenirs. These vendors often offer lower prices, but don’t forget to haggle for a better deal.

Hanoi Weekend Market (Quang Ba Flower Market)

This weekend market, held on the weekends, is a place to find unique items and local crafts. It’s located near West Lake and offers a different shopping experience than the more touristy markets.

Bargain at Local Shops

In addition to the markets and street vendors, many local shops in the Old Quarter and around Hanoi offer souvenirs.

Don’t hesitate to negotiate for a lower price, especially if you’re buying multiple items.

Remember that bargaining is common in Hanoi’s markets and street stalls when shopping for cheap souvenirs.

Be polite but firm in your negotiations, and don’t be afraid to walk away if you’re not getting the price you want.

Additionally, be mindful of the quality of the items you’re purchasing, as lower prices may sometimes reflect lower quality.

In conclusion

Shopping in Hanoi offers a unique and exciting experience where you can find traditional and modern items.

Whether you’re looking for souvenirs to remember your trip or want to immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture through handicrafts and art, Hanoi has something for everyone.

Remember to explore local markets, visit quirky shops and street stalls, and bargain for the best deals, and you’ll find plenty of treasures to bring back home. Happy shopping!

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