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Phung Hung Mural Street (Street Murals)

Phung Hung Street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter has transformed into a vibrant cultural space adorned with beautiful mural paintings that glimpse the city’s rich history. 

Since its opening to the public in early February 2018, this 200-meter Trompe L’oeil Street has become a favorite spot for city dwellers and travelers seeking to capture the essence of old Hanoi.

A Blend of Cultures: Vietnamese and South Korean Artistry

The revival of Phung Hung Street is the result of a community art exchange project between Vietnamese and South Korean artists. 

Initiated in November of the previous year, the project aimed to depict the old charm of Hanoi through stunning mural paintings.

A Walk Through Hanoi’s Memory Lane

As you stroll along Phung Hung Street, you’ll encounter mural paintings that depict nostalgic scenes from Hanoi’s past. 

From the bustling streets of Hang Ma during the Mid-Autumn festival to the iconic Trang Tien Department Store, these artworks transport viewers to a bygone era.

Beyond Paintings: A Multidimensional Art Experience

Phung Hung Mural Street offers more than just visual delights. 

Visitors can engage in painting experiences, explore folk games, and immerse themselves in Hanoi’s cultural heritage. 

It’s a place where art comes alive through various media, including photography, 3D paintings, carvings, and interactive games.

A Hidden Gem: Train Street Hanoi

Nearby Phung Hung Street (Trompe L’oeil Murals) lies one of Hanoi’s hidden gems, Train Street

This unique street that became an Instagram attraction offers a glimpse into the city’s quirky side, with its narrow alley flanked by houses where trains pass through just inches away from the doorsteps.

Optical Illusions and Interactive Art

The murals on Phung Hung Street are not just paintings; they are optical illusions that blur the lines between art and reality. 

Visitors can immerse themselves in these whimsical creations, interacting with the artwork in playful ways that challenge perception.

Getting There: Rent a Bike and Explore

Consider renting a bike in Hanoi to make the most of your visit to Phung Hung Mural Street and Train Street Hanoi. 

Cycling through the city streets adds an element of adventure to your journey and allows you to explore Hanoi’s hidden gems at your own pace.

A Must-Visit for Art Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor to Hanoi, Phung Hung Street Murals and Train Street Hanoi offer a unique artistic experience that will leave a lasting impression. 

Discover the beauty of Hanoi’s past through the lens of contemporary artistry and create unforgettable memories along the way.

Want more art in Hanoi? Check out the Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural!

Ready to explore Hanoi’s artistic side? 

Rent a bike and journey through Phung Hung Street and Train Street Hanoi. 

Imagine the city’s rich cultural heritage and discover the beauty beyond the tourist trail.

Phung Hung Mural Street (Street Murals)

Mural Street in Hanoi

Phung Hung StreetOld QuarterVietnamese and South Korean artistsMural paintings depicting old Hanoi, interactive art, painting experiences, and folk games
Train Street HanoiNear Phung Hung StreetNot specifiedWhimsical murals blending into the cityscape, optical illusions, interactive art



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