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Is it cheap to visit Hanoi?

Hanoi is a city that beautifully blends tradition and modernity, and it has long been a favorite destination for travelers seeking an authentic Southeast Asian experience.

This guide will explore the cost of traveling to Hanoi, offering insights into accommodation, dining, transportation, activities, and more.

Whether you’re a budget-conscious traveler looking to stretch your dollars or simply curious about the overall affordability of this enchanting city, read on to discover whether Hanoi is a cheap and charming destination for your next adventure.

Is it cheap to visit Hanoi

Is it cheap to travel in Hanoi?

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is generally considered to be an affordable travel destination, especially when compared to many Western countries.

However, the cost of visiting Hanoi can vary depending on your travel preferences, such as accommodation, dining, and activities.

Here are some factors to consider:


Hanoi offers a wide range of accommodation options, from budget hostels and guesthouses to luxury hotels.

You can find affordable options that are clean and comfortable, making it a cost-effective choice for travelers.


Street food is a highlight of Hanoi, and you can find delicious and inexpensive local dishes at street vendors and small eateries.

Dining in local markets and street-side cafes is often very affordable.

If you prefer dining in upscale restaurants, the cost will be higher.


Public transportation in Hanoi is relatively inexpensive, including buses and taxis.

If you use ride-sharing apps like Grab, it can also be cost-effective for getting around the city.


Many of Hanoi’s cultural and historical attractions are reasonably priced or even free.

The entrance fees for museums and landmarks are generally low.


Hanoi is known for its markets, where you can haggle for affordable souvenirs and goods. Be prepared to negotiate to get the best deals.

Tours and Activities

Various tours and activities, such as street food tours and day trips to nearby attractions, are available at different prices.

Shop around for the best deals.

In summary, while Hanoi can be a very budget-friendly destination, your overall expenses will depend on your choices.

By opting for budget accommodation, enjoying street food, and using affordable transportation options, you can keep your costs down.

However, if you prefer luxury accommodations and fine dining, your expenses will naturally be higher.

It’s always a good idea to plan your trip according to your budget and travel preferences.

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How much does it cost for a vacation to Hanoi?

The cost of a vacation to Hanoi can vary widely depending on several factors, including your travel style, the duration of your stay, and your preferences for accommodation, dining, and activities.

Here’s a rough estimate of the expenses you might incur during a trip to Hanoi:


  • Budget travelers: You can find budget hostels, guesthouses, or homestays for as low as $10 to $30 per night.
  • Mid-range hotels: Mid-range hotels typically cost between $40 and $100 per night.
  • Luxury hotels: Upscale hotels can cost anywhere from $100 to several hundred dollars per night.


  • Street food and local restaurants: Street food and local eateries are very affordable, with meals costing as little as $1 to $5 per person.
  • Mid-range restaurants: Dining at mid-range restaurants might cost around $10 to $20 per person.
  • Fine dining: High-end dining can range from $30 to $100 or more per person.


  • Public transportation: Buses and taxis are relatively inexpensive. A taxi ride within the city center may cost around $2 to $5.
  • Ride-sharing apps: Services like Grab offer competitive rates for getting around the city.

Sightseeing and Activities:

  • Entrance fees to museums and landmarks generally range from $1 to $5 per site.
  • Guided tours and activities: Prices vary widely depending on the tour or activity type, but you can find options from $20 to $100 or more.


  • The cost of shopping for souvenirs, clothing, and other goods depends on your bargaining skills, but you can find affordable items in local markets.


  • Travel insurance, visas, and other miscellaneous expenses will add to the overall cost.

For a budget traveler, a day’s expenses in Hanoi might be around $30 to $50, while a mid-range traveler can expect to spend $50 to $150 daily.

Your daily expenses can easily exceed $150 or more if you prefer luxury accommodations and dining.

It’s important to note that these are general estimates, and costs can vary depending on the time of year, currency exchange rates, and personal choices.

Planning, setting a budget, and doing some research can help you manage your expenses during your vacation in Hanoi.

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Is Hanoi an expensive city?

Hanoi may be considered an expensive city when compared to other destinations in Vietnam, but it is still relatively affordable for most travelers.

In recent years, the cost of living and tourism in Hanoi has increased, yet it remains a cheaper option than many popular tourist destinations worldwide.

When visiting Hanoi, it’s essential to research and plan to find the best deals for your budget.

By choosing budget-friendly options and being mindful of your spending, you can enjoy all that this beautiful city has to offer without breaking the bank.

So, don’t hesitate to add Hanoi to your travel list!

Overall, Hanoi is a charming destination with much to offer in terms of culture, history, and affordability.

With the proper planning and knowledge, you can have a fantastic experience in this bustling city without spending a fortune.

In conclusion

Hanoi is a vibrant and exciting city that offers diverse experiences for all types of travelers.

Whether on a tight budget or looking to splurge, plenty of options suit your needs and preferences.

With affordable accommodations, delicious street food, and budget-friendly activities, Hanoi is a fantastic destination for budget travelers.

For those who prefer luxury travel, there are also many upscale options available.

You’ll find something to love in Hanoi, no matter your travel style or budget.

So why not plan a trip to this charming city and experience all it has to offer for yourself? Happy travels!

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