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State Guest House (Tonkin Palace)

Tucked snugly in the bosom of Hoan Kiem District, the State Guest House (or Government Guest House) isn’t your run-of-the-mill historical spot—it’s practically winking at history buffs and adventure-hungry wanderers.

Time-Traveling Elegance: Tonkin Governor to Tonkin Palace

Picture this: Between 1918 and 1919, the uber-talented Auguste Henri Vildieu crafted a masterpiece, initially known as the Residential Palace of the Tonkin Governor. 

It was an expensive time capsule from a more lavish era designed to pamper the French Governor of Tonkin.

When the Viet Minh decided to play landlord in northern Vietnam, the palace got a makeover and a name change—hello, Tonkin Palace (Bắc Bộ Phủ)! 

Talk about a glam transformation setting the stage for what was to come.

Turbulence Unleashed: August Revolution and the War That Followed

Flashback to 1945, and the Tonkin Palace witnessed the drama of the August Revolution, starring the Viet Minh in a takeover spectacle. 

Zoom ahead to 1946, and bam! 

The palace became a war zone, with the French Army duking it out with the Viet Minh for control. 

After six attacks, 122 casualties, and four tanks lighter, the French Army claimed victory and turned the palace into their historic hangout.

Divided Legacies: North, South, and a Hint of Drama

Post-Vietnam partition, the Tonkin Palace became the cool kid on the northern block, masquerading as the state guest house for North Vietnam. 

Meanwhile, down south, its counterpart at Nguyễn Du Street (Nhà khách 108 Nguyễn Du) was the symbol of a nation doing the cha-cha of division, right near the Independence Palace.

Modern Charm: State Guest House of the Vietnamese Government

Cut to today, and behold—the State Guest House of the Vietnamese Government is the VIP occupant of the Tonkin Palace. 

There is no dusty relic here; it’s a living, breathing testament to Vietnam’s journey from then to now.

Welcoming dignitaries and guests with open arms, this place isn’t just history— it’s history served with contemporary flair.

Architectural Pizzazz: French Colonial Chic, Reimagined

The State Guest House’s architecture isn’t just a nod to French Colonial design; it’s a full-blown love letter. 

Get lost in the fancy details that bedazzle this historical gem, giving you a front-row seat to the cultural remix that shaped the region.

So, there you have it- A history lesson? Check. Adventure? Double-check.

Let the notion begin!

State Guest House
Nestled LocationIn the heart of Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Architectural StyleFrench-Colonial unique architecture
Construction Period1918 – 1919
Original PurposeResidential Palace of the Tonkin Governor
Significant EventViet Minh takeover during the August Revolution (1945)
Post-War RoleState guest house for North Vietnam
Modern FunctionState Guest House of the Vietnamese Government




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