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Hoa Phong Tower (Tháp Hòa Phong)

Hoa Phong Tower (Tháp Hòa Phong) stands tall, a testament to history on the banks of Hoan Kiem Lake

It’s the last remnant of the once-grand Bao An Pagoda, a sacred space built in 1842 during the illustrious Nguyen Dynasty. 

While time has weathered its surroundings, Hoa Phong Tower remains a silent sentinel of a bygone era.

A Tale of Two Towers

Not to be confused with its namesake in Thanh Khuong commune, Bac Ninh province, Hoa Phong Tower is a unique architectural gem in the heart of Hanoi. 

Originally part of the sprawling Bao An Pagoda, this three-story tower has stood the test of time, offering a glimpse into Vietnam’s rich cultural tapestry.

Rise and Fall of Bao An Pagoda

Built with the contributions of Ha Ninh’s Governor, Nguyen Dang Giai, Bao An Pagoda once stood proudly on the eastern shores of Hoan Kiem Lake.

Its 180 compartments showcased intricate architectural designs, a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of its builders. 

However, the arrival of the French in 1888 marked a turning point. 

The pagoda was razed to make way for progress, leaving only Hoa Phong Tower standing amidst the rubble.

Architectural Marvel: A Closer Look

Hoa Phong Tower’s first floor, also known as the “four gates stupa,” is a sight to behold. 

Adorned with four arched doors, it reflects the Buddhist influence in its design. 

The second floor features a large Sanskrit letter, adding a unique charisma to its allure. 

Each door is named – An Mon Newspaper, Nghia Mon Newspaper, Duc Mon Newspaper, and Phuc Mon Newspaper – symbolizing virtues celebrated in Buddhist teachings.

The Enigmatic Third Floor

Ascending to the third floor, one is greeted with contrasting inscriptions. 

On the east-west sides, the tower is named “Hoa Phong,” On the north-south sides, it is referred to as “Bao Thien Thap.” 

This duality adds to Hoa Phong Tower’s intrigue, inviting visitors to ponder its significance and history.

Preserving History, Inspiring Future

Today, Hoa Phong Tower reminds us of Hanoi’s rich cultural heritage.

Its resilience in the face of modernization is a testament to the importance of preserving our past. 

As travelers, we are not just visitors but custodians of history entrusted with passing these stories to future generations.

Visit Hoa Phong Tower

Experience the magic of Hoa Phong Tower for yourself. Witness history comes alive as you explore this ancient relic, standing proudly amidst the hustle and bustle of modern Hanoi. 

Discover the stories hidden within its walls and let the echoes of the past guide you on your journey. 

Hoa Phong Tower awaits, ready to unveil its secrets to those who seek them!

Hoa Phong Tower
LocationHoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam
OriginBuilt in 1842 during the Nguyen Dynasty
HistoryOriginally part of Bao An Pagoda, destroyed in 1888 by the French
ArchitectureThree stories high, featuring a “four gates stupa” design
SignificanceLast remaining ancient relic of Bao An Pagoda


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