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Son Tay Ancient Citadel

Let’s step back to 1822, the 3rd year of Minh Mang’s reign, when Son Tay Ancient Citadel, crafted from Vietnamese laterite, was born. 

With its sturdy citadel walls and four ancient brick city gates, this historical gem spans 16 hectares and is a testament to Vietnam’s architectural legacy.

A Citadel Steeped in Military History

Recognized as a national architectural historical relic in 1994, Son Tay Ancient Citadel has stood the test of time, residing proudly in the heart of Son Tay town, Hanoi. 

It served as a crucial military and historical site, pivotal in protecting the northwest of Thang Long.

Son Tay: The Gateway to the Borderlands

Once revered as one of the four essential towns in Tonkin, Son Tay stood as a protective shield for the North Citadel. 

It also acted as a strategic springboard for the court to safeguard the upper border regions, overlooking the Da River, Red River, and Lo River.

Son Tay: A Strategic Military Outpost

Nestled in a strategic location, Son Tay has long been a base and a springboard for remote border areas, thanks to its topography.

It has been a densely populated area since ancient times, serving as a fundamental land of the Vietnamese people since the country’s inception.

A Citadel with a Rich Historical Tapestry

Throughout its storied past, Son Tay has witnessed several pivotal moments. 

From being a focal point for resistance against the French in the late 19th century to hosting significant government meetings, the citadel has been a silent witness to Vietnam’s rich history.

Vauban Architecture: A Timeless Marvel

Built in the Vauban style, characterized by its square shape and laterite walls, Son Tay Ancient Citadel is a marvel to behold. 

With its four gates facing different directions, each has a unique charm and historical significance.

Gateways to the Past: Exploring the Citadel’s Gates

Each gate of Son Tay Ancient Citadel tells a story of its own. 

From the majestic Hau Gate facing the Red River to the Front Gate opening to Quang Trung Street, each gateway invites you to revisit Vietnam’s rich heritage.

Experience the Legacy of Son Tay Ancient Citadel

As you wander through the ancient walls of Son Tay Citadel, you’ll be transported to a bygone era, where history whispers through every stone.

Explore the palace gate, the corridor, and the ceremonial area, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Vietnam’s past.

Ready to Explore Son Tay Ancient Citadel?

Plan your visit to Son Tay Ancient Citadel and unravel the mysteries of Vietnam’s past. 

Whether you’re a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, or a curious traveler, Son Tay Ancient Citadel promises an unforgettable journey through time!

Son Tay Ancient Citadel
Son Tay Ancient Citadel
LocationSon Tay town, Hanoi
Construction1822, 3rd year of Minh Mang’s reign
ArchitectureVauban style, square shape, laterite walls
Size16 hectares
SignificanceProtective fortress for northwest Thang Long, a historical and military site
RecognitionRecognized as a national architectural historical relic in 1994
Key Features
  • Four city gates made of ancient bricks
  • 18m high flagpole
  • Palace gate, corridor, two square wells


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