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Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural

Nestled along the Red River dike system in Hanoi lies a vibrant masterpiece, the Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural (Con đường Gốm sứ), affectionately known as the Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural Road. 

Stretching over 6.5 kilometers, this stunning mosaic is more than just an artwork; it’s a testament to the city’s rich culture and history.

A Creative Vision: From Idea to Reality

The brainchild of journalist Nguyễn Thu Thủy, the Hanoi Ceramic Road was born from her winning concept in the Hanoi architecture contest. 

Her vision? To transform the mundane dike system into a spectacular ceramic mosaic, showcasing the city’s artistic prowess.

A Mosaic Like No Other: The Making of a Masterpiece

The journey to create this masterpiece began in 2007, with the decoration of a 6,000-meter-long dike wall. 

Supported by the Ford Foundation, the project brought together Vietnamese and international artists, including contributions from foreign embassies and cultural centers in Hanoi. 

The mosaic’s tesserae, or tiny ceramic pieces, are sourced from Bát Tràng, a nearby village renowned for its porcelain.

A Tapestry of History: Depicting Vietnam’s Rich Heritage

As you stroll along the Ceramic Road, you’ll encounter a visual narrative of Vietnam’s history. 

From the Phùng Nguyên and Đông Sơn cultures to the Lý, Trần, Lê, and Nguyễn dynasties, each era is beautifully depicted in the mosaic. 

Modern artworks, paintings of Hanoi, and even children’s drawings add a contemporary touch to this historical tapestry.

Breaking Records: A Guinness World Record Holder

The Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural achieved global acclaim by securing a place in the Guinness World Records. 

Recognized as the world’s most giant ceramic mosaic, this feat is a testament to the creativity and dedication of all involved.

A Work in Progress: Continuing the Legacy

The mural continues to evolve, with new segments added over the years. Artists worldwide have contributed to the mosaic, adding their unique perspectives and cultural influences. 

Recent additions, like the segments by Chilean artist Alexandro Mono Gonzalez and the Sri Lankan Embassy, highlight the mural’s ongoing relevance and appeal.

Preserving Heritage: Challenges and Future Prospects

While the mural is a testament to Hanoi’s creativity, preserving it poses challenges. 

Graffiti and wear threaten its beauty, highlighting the need for ongoing maintenance and preservation efforts.

Experience the Magic: Visit the Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural

Immerse yourself in the beauty and history of Hanoi by visiting the Ceramic Road. 

Experience the vibrant colors, intricate designs, and rich heritage that make this mosaic a must-see attraction. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this masterpiece and create unforgettable memories in the heart of Hanoi!

Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural
Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural
LocationRed River dike system, Hanoi
Length6.5 kilometers
OriginJournalist Nguyễn Thu Thủy’s winning concept in the Hanoi Architecture contest
ConstructionIt started in 2007, using ceramic tesserae from Bát Tràng
ThemesIt depicts Vietnamese history from various periods and includes modern art and children’s drawings.
Guinness World RecordThe world’s largest ceramic mosaic, confirmed in 2010
Recent AdditionsNew segments completed by artists like Alexandro Mono Gonzalez and sponsored by the Sri Lankan Embassy.

A combination of Vietnamese artists, international artists, and volunteers made the Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural.

The project was spearheaded by journalist Nguyễn Thu Thủy, who won a prize in the Hanoi Architecture contest for her idea of transforming the dike system around Hanoi into a ceramic mosaic. 

She was supported by the Ford Foundation, which funded the first 450 meters of the wall and the planning, training, and infrastructure needed to complete the project. 

Additionally, foreign embassies and cultural centers in Hanoi, such as the Goethe-Institut, Alliance française L’espace, British Council, Società Dante Alighieri Dalte Centre, and others, participated in the project.

The Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural is approximately 6.5 kilometers (4.0 miles) long.

It stretches along the Red River dike system’s walls in Hanoi, northern Vietnam.


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