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Bat Trang Pottery Village

Located just 13 km from the heart of Hanoi, Bat Trang Pottery Village is a treasure trove of traditional ceramics. 

Steeped in history and renowned for exquisite craftsmanship, this village has shaped Vietnam’s ceramic heritage for over a thousand years.

A Legacy of Excellence: Bát Tràng Porcelain

Bat Trang is celebrated nationwide for its distinctive style of ceramics, known as Bát Tràng Porcelain. 

This unique art form has been passed down through generations, making Bat Trang a beacon of creativity and tradition.

The Living Museum: Exploring Bat Trang’s Ceramic Art

At the private Bát Tràng Museum, founded by Vũ Thắng, visitors can immerse themselves in the rich history and artistry of Bat Trang’s ceramics. 

Discover the evolution of this ancient craft and witness the passion that drives the artisans of Bat Trang.

From Past to Present: A Journey Through Time

Established a millennium ago in the Red River Delta, Bat Trang’s legacy is built on its rich clay deposits and skilled artisans. 

Today, the village boasts 80% of the kilns that have fired ceramics since its inception, showcasing the enduring spirit of its craft.

The Artisan’s Touch: Masterpieces in Clay

Bat Trang’s pottery ranges from household items like plates and teacups to intricate religious artifacts and decorative objects. 

Each piece tells a story, blending functionality with artistic expression.

Keeping Tradition Alive: Bat Trang’s Cultural Heritage

While tourism and pottery sales sustain the village’s economy, preserving ancient skills remains a top priority for its residents. 

Bat Trang’s artisans are not just craftsmen but also custodians of a cherished heritage.

Experience Bat Trang: A Journey Worth Taking

Visitors to Bat Trang can delve into the village’s history, culture, and craft, gaining a deeper appreciation for its timeless artistry. 

Join us on a journey to Bat Trang and witness the magic of Vietnam’s ceramic heritage firsthand.

Discover Bat Trang: Plan Your Visit Today!

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Bat Trang Pottery Village.

Explore its rich history, witness the artistry of its artisans, and take home a piece of Vietnam’s cultural heritage. 

Plan your visit to Bat Trang today and experience the magic of this ancient craft!

Bat Trang Pottery Village
Bat Trang Pottery Village Summary
LocationGia Lâm district, Hanoi, Vietnam
Distance from Central HanoiApprox. 13 km
SpecialtyBát Tràng Porcelain
EstablishmentApprox. 1000 years ago
Key Products
  • Household items: plates, bowls, teacups, etc.
  • Religious items: lamp stands, candle holders, etc.
  • Decorative objects: altars, statues, etc.
  • Bat Trang Village Festival
  • Bat Trang Pottery Market
  • Van Van Museum
Local Festivities14th to 16th day of the second lunar month annually

The cost varies, but entrance to the village is usually free.

Visitors can purchase pottery, visit the museum and participate in workshops for additional fees.

Bat Trang is renowned for its Bát Tràng Porcelain, a unique style of ceramics known for its quality and beauty.

People visit Bat Trang to explore its rich history, witness the art of pottery-making, and purchase unique ceramic pieces.

You can reach Bat Trang by taxi, motorbike, or bus from Hanoi. It’s about 13 km or 40 minutes from central Hanoi, located in the Gia Lâm district.

Bat Trang pottery has a history dating back over 1000 years, originating from the Red River Delta region. It was favored by the Ly Emperors and has since become a symbol of Vietnamese ceramic artistry.

Bat Trang village has a long history of ceramic production, dating back to its establishment over a millennium ago. It has been a hub for pottery-making in Vietnam for centuries.

Bat Trang, located on the outskirts of Hanoi, has a history rooted in pottery-making. Over the centuries, it has evolved into a bustling village known for its ceramic artistry.

Many enjoy exploring the village’s traditional pottery workshops, trying their hand at making pottery, and shopping for unique ceramic souvenirs.


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