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Beer Street (Ta Hien)

Welcome to Hanoi’s bustling Beer Street (officially Ta Hien Street, or simply Old Quarter Ta Hien Corner), where the only thing smoother than the beer is the flow of conversations.

Nestled in the heart of the Old Quarter, this street is a liquid haven for beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers.

Bia Hoi Bonanza: Unraveling the Mystery of Fresh Beer

Bia Hoi, the star of the show, takes center stage. This unique Vietnamese beer is brewed daily and delivered straight to the street. 

The only mystery is how they make it taste so good, day in and day out.

Pho and Froth: Beer Street’s Culinary Companions

What pairs perfectly with a cold beer? Anything and everything from the street food vendors lining the sidewalks. 

From savory pho to sizzling spring rolls, Beer Street ensures your taste buds are as satisfied as your thirst.

Beer Pong Diplomacy: The International Language of Drinking Games

If you thought diplomacy was best conducted in boardrooms, think again. 

On Beer Street, the universal language of beer pong bridges cultural gaps and fosters international camaraderie. 

Who knew a ping pong ball could bring the world together?

Cheers to Chaos: Embracing the Lively Atmosphere

Don’t expect a quiet night out on Beer Street. With the clinking of glasses, the hum of laughter, and the occasional burst of a beer pong victory cheer, chaos is the game’s name. 

Embrace the lively atmosphere, and you’ll leave with memories as effervescent as the brews.

Saigon to Stout: A Beer for Every Palate

Whether you’re a fan of the crisp Saigon beer or prefer the rich depth of a stout, Beer Street’s establishments cater to every palate. 

Take a sip-driven journey through the diverse beer offerings, and you might discover a new favorite.

Tipsy Tales: Unforgettable Stories from Beer Street

The best stories are often born in the unlikeliest places, and Beer Street is no exception. 

From chance encounters with locals to unforgettable evenings with fellow travelers, the tales spun here are as diverse as the drinks on offer. 

So, grab a seat, clink glasses, and let the drunk tales unfold.

Navigating Social Interactions on Beer Street

Amidst the festive atmosphere of Hanoi’s Beer Street, it’s wise to keep your wits about you, especially for unexpected admirers. 

While the street’s charm is undeniable, it’s essential to know that not all glances and smiles may be driven purely by romantic interest. 

Some individuals may have an eye for more than just your captivating personality. 

Be cautious and discerning, as there might be those who see not only a potential connection but also a potential source of financial generosity. 

Enjoy the lively ambiance, but remember to safeguard your heart and your wallet, ensuring that the only thing you’re generously sharing is the joy of good company and great brews. 

Cheers to savvy sipping on Beer Street!

Beer Street
The HeartbeatExplore the epicenter of conviviality in Hanoi’s Beer Street, nestled in the vibrant Old Quarter.
Fresh Brew AlchemyDive into the alchemy behind Bia Hoi, Vietnam’s daily-brewed elixir that graces the street with freshness.
Gastronomic SymphonySavor the symphony of flavors as street vendors offer delectable pairings, from steaming pho to crispy spring rolls.
Game On!Immerse yourself in the international camaraderie of beer-pong diplomacy, where a piping-pong ball can bridge cultures.
Chaos & CheersEmbrace the joyful chaos of clinking glasses, contagious laughter, and victorious beer-pong cheers.
Brewscape OdysseyEmbark on a liquid odyssey with a diverse range of beers, from the crisp Saigon to the robust allure of a stout.
Sips & StoriesUnwind in the tapestry of Tipsy Tales, where chance encounters and memorable evenings weave unforgettable stories.
Guarded RevelryNavigate social waters wcautiously as admirers may be eyeing more than just a connection, a reminder to safeguard hearts and wallets.


The iconic beer street in Hanoi is the popular nickname for Ta Hien Street.

Absolutely! Beer Street is a vibrant hub of culture, camaraderie, and diverse brews, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking a lively and memorable experience.

The beer cost in Hanoi varies, but you can generally enjoy a refreshing Bia Hoi (fresh beer) for as little as a dollar, contributing to the street’s budget-friendly allure.


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