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Thay Pagoda

Get ready for a journey to Thay Pagoda, a tranquil haven at the foot of Sai Son mountain in Hanoi’s Quoc Oai district.

Discover the pagoda’s Nom name, its historical roots, and its fascinating association with Zen Master Tu Dao Hanh during the Ly dynasty.

A Pagoda with Pedigree: Thay Pagoda’s Starring Role

Join the ranks of the iconic pagodas in Hanoi, with Thay Pagoda claiming its fame alongside Tay Phuong Pagoda and Huong Pagoda.

Delve into the intriguing history, from its humble beginnings as Huong Hai Am to the grand reconstruction by King Ly Nhan Tong and the royal touch in the 17th century.

Feng Shui Marvels: Thay Pagoda’s Dragon-Inspired Architecture

Explore the architectural marvels of Thay Pagoda as it sits on dragon-shaped land, surrounded by mountains and a picturesque lake named Long Chieu.

Uncover the symbolism behind the dragon’s jaw yard, the two dragon whisker bridges, and the water pavilion resembling a pearl in the dragon’s mouth.

Legend of Reincarnation: The Tu Dao Hanh Connection

Dive into the legend of reincarnation associated with Thay Pagoda, linking back to the 11th century and the intriguing belief in kings as the reincarnation of Zen Master Tu Dao Hanh.

Unravel the stories of Ly Than Tong, Le Than Tong, and Le Hien Tong, each claiming their connection to the revered Zen master.

Wooden Wonders: Sculptures That Tell Stories

Marvel at the intricate sculptures within Thay Pagoda, from the beautiful statues at Ha Pagoda and Trung Pagoda to the awe-inspiring Diamond Buddhas and the impressive collection at the Upper Pagoda.

Witness the craftsmanship that spans dynasties, each piece telling a unique tale of Vietnamese artistry.

Mountain Temple Odyssey: Beyond Thay Pagoda’s Borders

Embark on an exploration of the mountain temple system around Thay Pagoda.

Traverse Nguyet Tien bridge, visit Cao Pagoda and encounter the whimsical Flea market.

Discover caves, such as Cac Co cave and Bo cave, and hear the folklore associated with each unique location.

Thay Pagoda Festival: Where Tradition Meets Adventure

Immerse yourself in the Thay Pagoda Festival, an annual celebration from the 5th to the 7th of the third lunar month.

Uncover the rich cultural traditions, from religious ceremonies and water puppet shows to the poetic expressions of love echoing through the festival grounds.

Experience the unique blend of spirituality and adventure that defines this ancient cultural extravaganza.

Thay Pagoda
LocationAt the foot of Sai Son mountain, Quoc Oai district, Hanoi, is about 20 km southwest of Hanoi’s center.
Former ProvinceFormer Ha Tay province, now Sai Son commune, Quoc Oai district, Hanoi.
HistoryIt was constructed during the Ly dynasty—the practice place of Zen Master Tu Dao Hanh.
ArchitectureThe main pagoda consists of Lower, Middle, and Upper, built-in pre-Buddhist, post-Saint architectural style.
Legend of ReincarnationThey are linked to Buddhism and reincarnation. Kings believed to be the reincarnation of Tu Dao Hanh include Ly Than Tong, Le Than Tong, and Le Hien Tong.

Festivals and Culture

FestivalThay Pagoda Festival
Date5th to the 7th of the third lunar month every year
ActivitiesMonks and nuns attend ceremonies, water puppet shows, and cultural performances.

Cultural Tradition

Regarding culture, Thay Pagoda has a thousand-year cultural tradition.

This place was born Trang Bung Phung Khac Khoan, Phan Huy Ich, and Phan Huy Chu, illuminating the country’s history.


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