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Lang Pagoda

Lang Pagoda (Chùa Láng), also known as Chieu Thien Tu, isn’t just a pagoda; it’s a living legend.

Built during the reign of King Ly Anh Tong, the pagoda’s roots delve deep into the tale of Zen Master Tu Dao Hanh.

The French might call it Pagode des Dames, but we call it a timeless story in Hanoi’s history.

Time-Tested Resilience: A Pagoda’s Journey

Over the centuries, Lang Pagoda has weathered the storms of history.

Legend has it that Ly Anh Tong constructed this haven to honor his father and the revered Zen master.

Renovated in 1656, 1901, and 1989, Lang Pagoda is a testament to time, an architectural phoenix rising from the ashes.

Architectural Enigma: Where Tradition Meets Grandeur

As you step through the pagoda’s outer gate, be prepared for a visual feast.

The meticulously designed structures, with curved roofs reminiscent of ancient palaces, beckon you into a world of Zen.

Follow the paved road, flanked by ancient muom trees, leading to the heart of the pagoda.

Hell King Cave: A Fiery Artistry

Marvel at the Hell King Cave’s vivid depiction of the underworld’s punishments.

Lang Pagoda boasts a staggering 198 statues, each telling a story.

From Promoting Goodness to Punishing Evil, the intricate sculptures bring the spiritual realm to life.

Divine Statues: A Pantheon of Serenity

Lang Pagoda hosts a congregation of 198 statues, including deities, dragons, and monarchs.

The upper palace is adorned with Buddha statues, while the harem shelters the unique figures of monk Tu Dao Hanh and King Ly Than Tong.

These statues are crafted from painted rattan and jackfruit wood and testify to Hanoi’s artistic finesse.

Time-Traveling Through Epitaphs: A Stele’s Legacy

Though time may have erased ancient relics, Lang Pagoda proudly displays a stele from the Later Le Dynasty in 1656.

Dr. Nguyen Van Trac’s eloquent words grace the oldest remaining artifact, preserving the pagoda’s rich history.

Festival Extravaganza: When Lang Comes Alive

Mark your calendars for the seventh day of the third lunar month—the Lang Pagoda Festival.

Join the festivities as Tu Dao Hanh’s palanquin parades to Hoa Lang Pagoda, creating a vibrant celebration.

The unique blend of reverence and revelry makes this event a must-experience.

Lang Pagoda: Your Zen Odyssey Awaits!

Embark on a journey through time and spirituality at Lang Pagoda.

Witness legends, explore architectural wonders, and immerse yourself in the vibrant festivals.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of Hanoi’s cultural tapestry—Lang Pagoda awaits your curious spirit.

Come, let the Zen adventure begin!

Lang Pagoda

Lang Pagoda Summary

LocationLang village, Lang Thuong, Dong Da district, Hanoi
HistoryIt was constructed during King Ly Anh Tong’s reign, dedicated to Zen Master Tu Dao Hanh, and significant renovations in 1656, 1901, and 1989.
ArchitectureDistinctive design with curved roofs; Bat Trang tiled yard; Hell King Cave; 198 statues; paved road flanked by ancient muom trees.
Statues198 statues, including Buddha, deities, dragons, monk Tu Dao Hanh, and King Ly Than Tong, were crafted from various materials.
SteleThe oldest remaining stele from 1656, the Later Le Dynasty, was inscribed by Dr. Nguyen Van Trac.
FestivalLang Pagoda Festival on the seventh day of the third lunar month; vibrant celebration with Tu Dao Hanh’s palanquin parade.
ExperienceImmerse yourself in legends, architectural marvels, and cultural festivals at Lang Pagoda in the heart of Hanoi.



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