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St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Behold the grandeur of Hanoi Cathedral, a divine abode that goes by the official name of St. Joseph’s Cathedral but is more popularly known as Hanoi Cathedral.

Nestled in the heart of the Archdiocese of Hanoi, it boasts an Archbishop’s throne, the holy hotspot where religious happenings of Catholic parishioners unfold.

The current parish priest, Father Anthony Nguyen Van Thang, leads the spiritual charge with enthusiasm.

But let’s face it: it’s not just a vital cathedral – but also one of the most beautiful places in Hanoi and an Instagran location!

Gallic Glory: A Slice of France in Hanoi

Hanoi Cathedral is not just a religious haven but stands tall as a testament to French architectural prowess in this city.

With an air of French elegance, it adds a touch of sophistication to the vibrant Hanoi landscape.

Pagoda to Pews: A Journey Through Time

Travel back in time as we uncover the intriguing history of Hanoi Cathedral.

Once belonging to the grounds of Bao Thien Pagoda during the Ly Dynasty, this sacred space has seen its fair share of twists and turns.

From being a famous pagoda to a market and even an execution ground, its transformation is captivating.

Divine Donations: Funding the Divine Domicile

Discover the financial odyssey behind the cathedral’s creation.

From rejected lottery proposals to the French protectorate’s eventual approval, the funds for the church’s completion were a rollercoaster ride.

At a cost of about 200,000 French francs, the brick church emerged in front of the temporary wooden structure, a testament to the perseverance of the believers.

Saintly Sanctuary: The Patron Saint Chronicles

In 1678, Pope Innocent XI bestowed the title of patron saint of Vietnam upon Saint Joseph.

The inauguration ceremony on Christmas in the year of the Pig (1887) marked the beginning of a new chapter for the church.

Delve into the historical journey of how the cathedral and bishop’s house found their current inner-city abode in Hanoi.

Gothic Grandeur: Architecture Aflame

Step into a world of architectural marvels as Hanoi Cathedral unveils its European medieval Gothic style, inspired by the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

The church’s design is a symphony of tradition and innovation, with pointed arches reaching for the heavens and exquisite stained glass paintings.

Bells, Beauty, and Beyond: The Symphony of Hanoi Cathedral

From the tapering doors adorned with Gothic art to the intricate wooden patterns painted in red and gold, every detail of Hanoi Cathedral tells a story.

Western bells and the grand clock on the facade add a melodic charm to the spiritual sanctuary.

Urban Odyssey: The Changing Face of Divine Spaces

Witness the juxtaposition of divine elegance and urban development in the surroundings of Hanoi Cathedral.

The square adorned with a metal statue of the Virgin Mary, palanquins, flower beds, and a stone grotto now grapples with the evolving cityscape, creating a unique blend of sacred and secular.

Embark on a divine journey through Hanoi Cathedral, where history, architecture, and spirituality converge in a symphony of awe-inspiring tales.

St. Joseph's Cathedral

Hanoi Cathedral: Quick Facts

Holy HavensArchdiocese of Hanoi’s spiritual epicenter with Archbishop’s throne.
Gallic GloryFrench architectural gem blending sophistication with spirituality.
Pagoda to PewsThe historical journey from Bao Thien Pagoda to the present-day cathedral.
Divine DonationsFunding saga – from rejected lotteries to the completion of the church.
Saintly Sanctuary1678: Pope Innocent XI declares Saint Joseph the patron saint of Vietnam.
Gothic GrandeurEuropean medieval Gothic style, inspired by Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
Bells, Beauty, and BeyondDetails of the architectural symphony, Western bells, and grand clock.
Urban OdysseyA blend of sacred and secular in the evolving landscape around the cathedral.


Yes, visitors are welcome to enter St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi.

Stepping into the enchanting realm of St. Joseph’s Cathedral is an exclusive affair, granted access only during the holy symphony of Mass – check out the divine timetable conveniently posted on the gates to the cathedral’s left.

Now, if your timing is more secular than sacred, fear not!

Navigate to the secret entrance through the Diocese of Hanoi compound, just a block away at 40 P Nha Chung.

Because even when Mass takes a break, the doors to spiritual elegance remain open, and we’ve got you covered with the not-so-secret passage.

While there isn’t a strict dress code, it’s advisable to dress modestly when visiting St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi has a rich history. It was initially built in 1887 on the ancient Bao Thien Pagoda grounds.

It showcases a fascinating evolution from pagoda to market to its current status as a prominent Catholic landmark.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral Mass Timings

DayMass Time
Weekday5:30 pm & 6:15 pm
Saturday6:00 pm
Sunday5:00 am, 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 4:00 pm, 6:00 pm, 8:00 pm


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