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Cua Bac Parish Church

Step into the divine dance of architecture and history at Cua Bac Parish Church (Cửa Bắc Church), where French finesse meets Vietnamese vibrancy in the heart of Hanoi.

Unveiling Cua Bac Parish Church’s Origins

Discover the fascinating backstory of this architectural gem.

Originally christened Church of Our Lady of the Martyrs, it emerged in 1932 as a testament to French creativity amid the urban redesign supervised by the visionary Ernest Hébrard.

Eccentric Elegance by Ernest Hébrard

Explore the whimsical world of eclectic architecture blended with Art Deco flair.

Ernest Hébrard’s masterful touch turns Cửa Bắc Church into a visual feast, harmoniously marrying traditional Vietnamese elements with European grandeur.

Martyrs to Queens: A Change of Plans

Witness the church’s transformation from Vietnamese Martyrs to the regal title of Queen of Martyrs.

In 1959, the Apostolic Vicar Joseph-Marie Trịnh Như Khuê bestowed the church with the name Church of Our Lady of Hanoi, marking a captivating twist in its historical narrative.

Divine Congregation and Presidential Pews

Delve into the church’s role as a spiritual meeting ground for Vietnamese Catholics and Protestants. 

In an unexpected turn of events, Cửa Bắc Church hosted a joint congregation in November 2006, graced by United States President George W. Bush during his official visit to Vietnam.

Feast Day and Heavenly Heights

Celebrate the church’s title on July 2, a date steeped in historical significance. 

Embrace the tranquility of the surroundings and relish the timeless beauty that defines Cửa Bắc Church as a unique blend of sacred traditions.

Today’s Trinity: Cua Bac Parish Church, Hàm Long, and Saint Joseph

Embark on a spiritual journey through Hanoi’s holy trinity of churches, where Cửa Bắc stands shoulder to shoulder with Hàm Long Church and the iconic Saint Joseph Cathedral, forming an awe-inspiring trio.

Your Divine Moment Awaits

Don’t miss the chance to experience the simplicity and beauty that captivated President George W. Bush. 

Join the congregation at Cửa Bắc Church for a moment of connection and contemplation, leaving you touched by the divine in the heart of Hanoi!

Cua Bac Parish Church

Cua Bac Parish Church Summary

LocationHanoi, Vietnam
ArchitectErnest Hébrard
Construction Year1932
Architectural StyleEclectic with Art Deco elements
Original NameChurch of Our Lady of the Martyrs
Current NameChurch of Our Lady of Hanoi
Significant EventJoint congregation with President George W. Bush in 2006




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