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Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Welcome to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, where exploring cultural treasures meets a blend of wit and wisdom.

Get ready for a journey through the vibrant history of Vietnam’s ethnic groups, served with a side of architectural charm.

Architectural Symphony: The Brainchild of Ha Duc Linh

Marvel at the genius of architect Ha Duc Linh, who infused the museum with the essence of Tay culture.

The interiors, a creation of the fabulous Véronique Dollfus, a French visionary, elevate the museum experience to a new level.

Bronze Drum Extravaganza: Unveiling 54 Ethnic Tales

Dive into the Bronze Drum building, where 54 ethnic groups take center stage across two fascinating floors.

From Vietnamese to Muong, each group gets its spotlight.

Witness the magic of temporary exhibits, from the quirky “Life in Hanoi during the subsidy period” to captivating glimpses of students’ city life.

Outdoor Oasis: Where Tradition Meets Greenery

Step into the outdoor display area, a green haven adorned with ten folk wonders.

Discover diverse architectural styles that transport you to the heart of Vietnam’s cultural tapestry.

Southeast Asia Showcase: A Global Cultural Expedition

Embark on a journey through Southeast Asia with the visionary architects Nguyen Manh Thu and Doan The Trung.

Explore permanent galleries showcasing the captivating civilizations of Asia and the world, attracting culture enthusiasts far and wide.

Artifacts Galore: A Cultural Treasure Trove

Delve into the museum’s rich repository of 15,000 artifacts, 42,000 films, and a treasure trove of cultural gems.

From ethnic fabrics to ceremonial artifacts, every item tells a story of Vietnam’s diverse heritage.

Multilingual Marvel: Culture Knows No Language Barriers

Immerse yourself in the exhibition, where language is no barrier.

With information presented in Vietnamese, English, and French, the museum welcomes visitors from around the globe.

Grab a leaflet, available in multiple languages, and let the cultural odyssey begin.

So, gear up for a witty, whimsical, and culturally charged adventure at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology!

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
Architectural MarvelThe brainchild of architect Ha Duc Linh, with interiors by Véronique Dollfus.
Bronze Drum ExtravaganzaExplore 54 ethnic groups through logical exhibitions in the Bronze Drum building.
Outdoor OasisTen folk architectural works in a green garden showcase Vietnam’s cultural diversity.
Southeast Asia ShowcaseThey were designed by architects Nguyen Manh Thu and Doan The Trung and featured global cultural exhibits.
Artifacts GaloreFifteen thousand artifacts, 42,000 films, and various cultural treasures reflect Vietnam’s heritage.
Multilingual MarvelExhibition information is in Vietnamese, English, and French; leaflets are available in multiple languages.

The entrance fee for the Hanoi Museum of Ethnology is 40,000 VND.

The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi offers insights into the diverse cultural heritage of Vietnam, showcasing the traditions, artifacts, and lifestyles of the country’s 54 ethnic groups.



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