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B-52 Victory Museum

Located at 157 Đội Cấn, Ba Đình district, Hanoi, the B-52 Victory Museum is more than just a collection of artifacts – it’s a crash course in the rollercoaster ride that is Vietnamese history.

B-52 Tales: Unveiling the Wreckage Wonders

Embark on a journey through the main building, immersing yourself in exhibits that unveil the intricacies of the Vietnamese revolution, the First Indochina War, and the unforgettable Vietnam War.

Witness the aftermath of Operations Rolling Thunder, Linebacker, and Linebacker II, all while watching for the wreckage of a B-52D or G Stratofortress – a genuine war hero with a questionable past.

Hồ B-52: More Than Just a Lake

Saunter about 300 meters south of the “B-52 lake,” Hồ B-52 or Huu Tiep Lake, and discover a submerged fragment of the B-52 undercarriage.

Spoiler alert: the lake’s plaque might have some facts mixed up, but who cares when you’re standing next to a piece of aviation history?

Air Defense Extravaganza: Open-Air Antics

Step outside for fresh air and witness an impressive lineup of air defense equipment. 

From the sleek Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 to the mighty M1939 37mm AA gun, it’s a display that puts the “out” outdoors.

Timing is Everything: Museum Hours & Free Entry

The entrance is free! So don’t worry about breaking the bank – entry won’t cost you a dong!

The museum is open Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday-Sunday from 08:00 to 11:30 and 13:00 to 16:30. 

SAMs, Guns, and Radars, Oh My!

Wrap up your visit by checking out the impressive array of weaponry on display outside. 

From the ZPU-1 to the Fan Song radar, it’s a playground for military enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys a good “BOOM!”

Come for the history, stay for the hilarity – the B-52 Victory Museum is your ticket to a side-splitting journey through Hanoi’s past!

B-52 Victory Museum

Museum Information

Location157 Đội Cấn, Ba Đình district, Hanoi
Operating HoursTue-Thu & Sat-Sun: 08:00-11:30 & 13:00-16:30
Entry FeeFree

Exhibits Inside

Revolution ShowcaseUnraveling the mysteries of the Vietnamese revolution
War ChroniclesExploring the First Indochina War and the Vietnam War

Outdoor Displays

B-52 UndercarriageLocated at Hồ B-52 or Huu Tiep Lake, 300m south of the museum
AircraftB-52D or G Stratofortress, Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21

Air Defense Arsenal

WeaponsZPU-1, ZPU-2, ZPU-4, M1939 37mm AA gun, 57mm AZP S-60, 100mm air defense gun KS-19
RadarFan Song radar
MissilesTwo SA-2 Guideline SAMs



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