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Hanoi Museum

Welcome to the Hanoi Museum – where the past isn’t just history; it’s a treasure trove of epic proportions!

Established in 1982, this place is a time machine that showcases Hanoi’s journey from the dawn of civilization to the present day.

Antiques Galore: The Bling of Hanoi Museum

Step into a world of luxury as the museum boasts a collection of thousands of artifacts.

Hold your breath – more than 7 thousand rare antiques are stealing the spotlight!

It’s like Hanoi’s version of a royal jewelry box, from stoneware to bronzeware and ceramics.

Ly, Tran, Le, Nguyen: Ceramics Royalty

The museum’s collection takes you on a ceramic adventure through the Ly, Tran, Le, and Nguyen dynasties.

Get ready to be impressed by the artistry that spans centuries, including Chinese and Japanese ceramics. It’s a pottery party you won’t want to miss!

Hanoi’s Time Capsules: Museum’s Division Drama

Dive into Hanoi’s natural history, unravel the city’s roots from its founding to the eve of the August Revolution, and then fast forward to witness the unfolding history from 1945 to the present.

The museum has divided its display areas into three parts – it’s like binge-watching Hanoi’s story in 3D!

A Pyramid of History: The New Hanoi Museum Unveiled

Hold on to your hats! In celebration of Thang Long – Hanoi’s 1000th anniversary, a colossal project birthed the new Hanoi Museum.

Nestled in the Convention Center construction area, this architectural marvel boasts an inverted pyramid structure.

It’s not just a museum; it’s a statement!

German Touch: Hanoi Museum’s Design Delight

Designed by the dynamic duo – consulting joint venture GMP – ILAG from Germany – the new Hanoi Museum is a masterpiece in every dimension.

The 4th floor crowns the most significant area, making it a design marvel. Get ready to be awestruck!

Artifacts Extravaganza: Hanoi Museum Unleashed

Inaugurated on October 6, 2010, the museum is a haven for over 50,000 artifacts.

Every nook and cranny tells a story from the basement to the roof.

Join us on a journey through time and witness Hanoi’s legacy unfold like never before!

Hanoi Museum

Hanoi Museum Highlights

ArtifactsTens of thousands, including 7,000+ rare antiques
CollectionsStoneware, bronzeware, ceramics from the Ly, Tran, Le, and Nguyen dynasties, Chinese and Japanese ceramics
Display Areas
  • Hanoi Natural History
  • History of Hanoi (Founding to August Revolution)
  • History of Hanoi (August Revolution to Present)
New Museum
  • Location: Convention Center construction area, Nam Tu Liem District
  • Structure: Inverted pyramid, four aboveground floors, two basement floors
  • Design: By GMP – ILAG (Germany)
  • Area: 54,000 m², 30.7 meters high
  • Inaugurated: October 6, 2010
Artifacts on DisplayOver 50,000




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