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Ha Thai Lacquer Craft Village

Just 30 kilometers south of Hanoi, in the Duyen Thai commune, Thuong Tin district, lies Ha Thai lacquer village. 

Stepping through its old village gate, you’re transported into a serene rural setting, typical of northern Vietnamese villages, with emerald rice fields and buffalo lazily grazing. 

However, what truly sets this place apart is its skilled artisans.

A Tradition of Artistry

Ha Thai boasts nearly 700 families, with over 3500 artisans, 90% dedicated to the traditional craft. 

Each family runs a workshop producing lacquerware and a shop showcasing their creations.

Legend has it that the craft in Ha Thai dates back to the 17th century, initially focusing on paintwork. 

While not the pioneers of Vietnamese lacquerware, the village produced many talented artisans known for crafting household items for kings and the royal family. 

This earned Ha Thai the moniker “the village offering to the king.”

The Artistry Unveiled

Traditionally, Ha Thai lacquerware was painted black, brown, and red. 

Today, artisans use a broader spectrum, including white, blue, green, and yellow, blending tradition with a contemporary touch. 

Materials have expanded beyond wood, bamboo, and rattan to include eggshell, mother of pearl, and even modern elements like composite and ceramic.

Ha Thai’s creations have graced numerous local and international handicraft fairs. 

Alongside traditional items like lacquer paintings and horizontal boards, artisans produce various tourist products, including bowls, trays, tables, and chairs. 

Notably, Ha Thai lacquer pottery is highly sought worldwide, from England to Japan.

A Glimpse Into Tradition

Duyen Thai commune has developed industrial clusters and points within Ha Thai, focusing on production and promotion. 

These facilitate trade and welcome visitors, offering insights into traditional craft processes and opportunities to purchase exquisite lacquerware.

Must-Have Lacquerware Creations

Explore the exquisite offerings of Ha Thai lacquer village, where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary elegance:

Decorative Delights: 

Choose from various vases, boxes, sculptures, hand-painted items, photo and mirror frames, planters, and lamps.

Artistic Expressions: 

Adorn your walls with lacquer paintings that combine traditional themes with modern techniques and materials.

Tabletop Treasures: 

Elevate your dining experience with bowls, trays, cutlery holders, napkin holders, charger plates, placemats, baskets, and coasters.

Charming Gifts and Hotel Accents: 

Discover jewelry and customized boxes, cabinets, wine holders, bathroom sets, and other unique pieces that make perfect gifts or additions to your home or hotel.

In conclusion

Ha, Thai lacquer village offers a glimpse into a vibrant craft tradition where artistry and tradition blend seamlessly. 

Experience the allure of Vietnamese lacquerware and take home a piece of this timeless art. 

Visit Ha Thai and discover the magic of Vietnamese lacquerware craftsmanship!

Ha Thai Lacquer Craft Village
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LocationDuyen Thai commune, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi
Distance from HanoiApproximately 30 kilometers south
SpecialtyTraditional lacquerware craftsmanship
ArtisansApproximately 3500 artisans from nearly 700 families
Traditional CraftLacquerware production using wood, bamboo, rattan, eggshell, mother of pearl, and modern materials
HistoryOriginating in the 17th century, it is known for crafting household items for kings and the royal family.
Popular ProductsVases, boxes, sculptures, lacquer paintings, bowls, trays, furniture, and more
RecognitionProducts displayed at local and international handicraft fairs
Global ReachExported to countries like England, France, Russia, USA, Spain, Australia, Italy, Japan, and Korea
Visiting ExperienceFor visitors to observe traditional craft procedures and purchase lacquerware, industrial clusters, and points are set up.


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