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Hanoi Old Quarter Trishaw Cyclo Tour

Buckle up, fellow wanderers! Imagine a unique tour where your driver pedals you around the enchanting Old Quarter of Hanoi. 

This isn’t your ordinary sightseeing adventure; it’s a trishaw cyclo tour, where you can play the VIP, and your driver, the unsung hero, pedals behind you. 

Why? Because we believe in giving you the best view and plenty of photo opportunities!

The Marvels You’ll Encounter

As you embark on this pedicab escapade, be ready to be awestruck by the architectural wonders of Hanoi. 

From the bustling Dong Xuan Market to the serene St. Joseph’s Cathedral and the cultural icon, Hanoi Opera House – each wheel turn reveals a new gem. 

Get ready to snap those Instagram-worthy shots!

Old World Charm Meets French Elegance

Navigate the Old Quarter’s narrow streets, where Vietnamese history mingles with French colonial influence.

Feel the constant motion, the heartbeat of this intriguing neighborhood. 

Enjoy a front-row seat at a café, observing street life with bicycle vendors, friends playing checkers, and the tempting aromas of phở and bún chả wafting through the air.

A Pause by Hoan Kiem Lake

Let the cyclo tour take you to the picturesque Hoan Kiem Lake, offering a stunning panorama. 

Stop at each destination, whether for a short visit or a photo session, and savor the pace that allows you to appreciate the charm of the 36-shaded streets.

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Now, don’t just read about it – hop on a Cyclo and let Hanoi’s Old Quarter unfold its magic around you!

Hanoi Old Quarter Trishaw Cyclo Tour
Duration30 – 45 minutes
HighlightsExplore the Old Quarter and its unique architecture. Visit Dong Xuan Market, Opera House, and Cathedral Church, and stop for photos and short visits.
IncludesTrishaw cyclo, Driver, Hotel pickup (depending on the option chosen), Meeting point: 31 Lo Su, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Not IncludesFood and drinks, Tips
Important InfoNot suitable for pregnant women or those with mobility impairments, Meeting point: Charming Vietnam Travel office in the heart of the Old Quarter
What to BringCamera, Sunglasses, Sun hat, Comfortable shoes

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