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May De Ville Luxury Hotel & Spa


An Overview of the Hotel

Nestled just a leisurely 120-second amble from the enchanting Hoan Kiem Lake, the May De Ville Luxury Hotel & Spa is like that excellent friend who effortlessly combines modern flair with snug vibes. 

Forget the Old Quarter; this place is a time machine for contemporary coziness. Need to stay connected to the virtual world? Fear not; their rooms come with free WiFi – because who needs the hassle of hunting for the nearest coffee shop to post a selfie?

Step into your room and marvel at the modern interiors and wooden floorings – it’s like walking into an Instagram dream. Air-conditioned? Check. Flat-screen TV? Check. Ironing facilities because wrinkles are so last season? Double check. And guess what? They even throw in a seating area, mini-bar, and an electric kettle for your boiling needs.

Bathroom time is a spa-like experience with a bath or shower facility. Oh, and did we mention the complimentary toiletries and slippers? It’s like a little gift from them to your tired, travel-weary self.

Are you feeling like royalty? Indulge in the hot tub or sauna – because who needs stress when you can have bubbles and steam? And if you’re in the mood for kneading, their massage service has your back (literally). 

The 24-hour front desk and tour desk are like your personal travel wizards, ready to sprinkle some concierge magic on your adventure.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re feeling cultural, a 5-minute saunter takes you to Ngoc Son Temple, and a 10-minute stroll lands you at St. Joseph Cathedral. 

And for the grand finale, a mere 45-minute drive gets you to Noi Bai International Airport – because even vacations need to end eventually.

Now, let’s talk dining. Le Réveil Restaurant doesn’t just serve food; it crafts edible poetry with a spread of authentic Vietnamese specialties, Asian delights, and European favorites. 

Need a liquid accompaniment to your gastronomic journey? Le Soleil Bar is your boozy oasis, offering refreshing cocktails with panoramic city views.

But hey, if you’re feeling more Netflix than chill, room service is at your beck and call 24/7. 

Because let’s be honest – sometimes, the best view is from the comfort of your bed.

Ready to elevate your stay from a trip to an experience? Book now, and let the May De Ville Luxury Hotel & Spa turn your getaway into a masterpiece! 🌟


Popular Facilities:

🚿 Spa-like Bathrooms with Bath/Shower Facility
🛌 Cozy and Modern Rooms
📶 Free WiFi Access
📺 Flat-screen TV
🌬️ Air-conditioning
🪑 Comfortable Seating Area
🍹 Mini-bar
🍵 Electric Kettle
🧹 Ironing Facilities
🛁 Free Toiletries
👣 2-Minute Stroll to Hoan Kiem Lake
🌇 Panoramic City Views at Le Soleil Bar
🍽️ Le Réveil Restaurant – Vietnamese, Asian, and European Cuisine
🛀 Hot Tub and Sauna
💆 Massage Services
🕒 24-Hour Front Desk
🗺️ Tour Desk for Travel Assistance
🚗 45-Minute Drive to Noi Bai International Airport
🍽️ 24-Hour Room Service
🕍 5-Minute Walk to Ngoc Son Temple
⛪ 10-Minute Walk to St. Joseph Cathedral


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In the heart of Hanoi, May De Ville Luxury Hotel & Spa is a gem! Modern vibes meet cozy comfort in every room. The spa-like bathrooms are a treat, and the 2-minute walk to Hoan Kiem Lake is a game-changer. Le Réveil Restaurant is a foodie's dream, and the 24-hour room service? A traveler's paradise.
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May De Ville Luxury Hotel & Spa is a palate-pleaser! From the diverse cuisine at Le Réveil to sipping cocktails at Le Soleil Bar with stunning city views, it's a gastronomic journey. The 24/7 front desk and tour assistance make exploring Hanoi a breeze. Oh, and those cozy rooms? Insta-worthy!

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