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Cristina Boutique Hotel


An Overview of the Hotel

Cristina Boutique Hotel flaunts its 3-star charm in the heart of Hanoi like a sassy diva strutting down the catwalk. 

If you’re into ancient city gates and water puppet theater (who isn’t?), this place is practically your VIP pass. 

St. Joseph Cathedral is just a casual 1.2 km stroll away – you can practically smell the holiness from your room.

And speaking of rooms, they come with a wardrobe, because where else would your clothes hang out when you’re not wearing them? The bathrooms are equipped with showers and hairdryers, ensuring you look fabulous even in the privacy of your city-view oasis. 

And for those who trust no one, there’s a safety deposit box to guard your secrets.

But wait, there’s more! Air conditioning? Check. A 24-hour front desk that probably knows more about your whereabouts than your mom? Check. 

And let’s not forget the Asian breakfast that will make you question your allegiance to cereal.

Now, if you’re tired of being indoors (we get it, even city views can get old), this joint is conveniently close to Hoan Kiem Lake, Trang Tien Plaza, and the Hanoi Opera House – because who doesn’t love a bit of culture with their morning coffee?

So, pack your bags, book a room, and get ready to experience Hanoi like never before. 

Cristina Boutique Hotel: Where the city’s heartbeat meets your wanderlust. 

Don’t just dream about it; click that reservation button and make it happen!


Popular Facilities:

🛏️ Wardrobe in Every Room
🚿 Private Bathrooms with Shower and Hairdryer
❄️ Air Conditioning
🔒 Safety Deposit Box
🍳 Asian Breakfast Available
🕒 24-Hour Front Desk
🚗 Airport Transfers
🌐 Free WiFi


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Cristina Boutique Hotel is my Hanoi haven! Stylish rooms, Asian breakfast to die for, and a wardrobe big enough for my entire shoe collection. 10/10, would stay again.
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This hotel is a gem! From city views to safety deposit boxes, it's got everything. The 24-hour front desk even knows the best spots near Hoan Kiem Lake. A+ for convenience and cool vibes!

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