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Flora Centre Hotel & Spa


An Overview of the Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Hanoi, the Flora Centre Hotel & Spa is not just a place to rest your head – it’s an oasis of convenience and quirky charm. 

Picture this: air-conditioned rooms where you can chill like an ice cube, a fitness center that might guilt you into a quick workout (or not), and free WiFi faster than your friend’s comeback in a rap battle.

This 4-star haven goes beyond the basics with a tour desk that’s your personal genie and luggage storage space that’s more reliable than your ex’s promises. 

And don’t get me started on the 24-hour front desk – they’re practically your new best friends, ready to help with a concierge service and currency exchange because who needs the hassle of handling foreign bills?

Now, let’s talk rooms. Each is decked out with a desk for spur-of-the-moment inspirations, a flat-screen TV for your guilty pleasure shows, and a private bathroom that’s your little sanctuary. Safety deposit box? Check. 

Some rooms even come with a terrace – why not sip your morning coffee with an Instagram-worthy view?

But wait, there’s more! Asian and vegetarian breakfast options are dished out daily, making you question why you’ve been sticking to the same old breakfast routine.

When you’re ready to explore, you’re just a hop, skip, and jump away from hotspots like the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater, Hoan Kiem Lake, and the majestic St. Joseph Cathedral. 

And fear not, weary traveler – the Noi Bai International Airport is a mere 24 km away, with a paid airport shuttle service to whisk you away.

So, why settle for the ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary at Flora Centre Hotel & Spa? 

Book your ticket to adventure now – because life’s too short for dull hotels!


Popular Facilities:

💪 Fitness Center
🌐 Free WiFi
🛋️ Shared Lounge
🌍 Tour Desk
🛄 Luggage Storage
🕒 24-Hour Front Desk
🤝 Concierge Service
💱 Currency Exchange
🖥️ Flat-Screen TV
🛏️ Safety Deposit Box
🌇 Terrace (selected rooms)
🍳 Asian and Vegetarian Breakfast Options
🚗 Paid Airport Shuttle Service


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Flora Centre Hotel & Spa is my Hanoi hideaway! From the zen-like fitness center to the speedy WiFi, it's a traveler's dream. The 24-hour front desk is like having a personal genie, and those breakfast options? Pure perfection!
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Checked into Flora Centre Hotel & Spa and instantly felt the vibes. The rooms are sleek, the terrace views are killer, and the airport shuttle is a game-changer.

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