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Hanoi Hotel Royal


An Overview of the Hotel

Nestled in the beating heart of Hanoi, the Hanoi Hotel Royal beckons with the allure of strategic brilliance – like a chess move, but with comfier beds.

Step into a world where Victorian elegance meets modern swank, the air is conditioned with sophistication, and the staff is as friendly as your favorite neighbor’s golden retriever.

This hotel, more strategically positioned than a pawn in a grandmaster’s game, doesn’t just offer accommodations; it offers a lifestyle upgrade. 

Need to binge-watch your favorite show on a smart TV? Check. Are you craving the privilege of a heated shower that feels like a warm embrace? Check. Want to keep your secrets safe in an in-room safe while sipping a beverage from the mini-bar? Double check.

And let’s not forget the location – it’s practically a stone’s throw from the Old City Gate and Ngoc Son Temple. The Dong Xuan Market is so close you can practically smell the bargains. 

Need to escape? The Noi Bai International Airport is just a short drive away, making this hotel a strategic oasis in the urban jungle.

But wait, there’s more! The 24-hour front desk is like your genie in a bottle, ready to grant wishes for bicycle and car rentals, luggage storage, laundry services, and even tour arrangements. 

They’ll probably even lend you their golden retriever if you ask nicely.

So, if you’re tired of accommodation as dull as a pawn’s existence on a chessboard, move to Hanoi Hotel Royal. 

Book now because chess pieces aren’t the only things that get snatched up quickly!


Popular Facilities:

📍 Strategically Positioned Rooms
📶 Complimentary WiFi
⏰ 24-hour Front Desk
🍽️ On-site Restaurant
🏰 Historical Proximity
✈️ Airport Accessibility
🕰️ Victorian Chic Decor
❄️ Air-conditioned Rooms
📺 Smart TVs
🗝️ In-room Safe
🍹 Mini-bar
🚿 Heated Shower Facility
🚲🚗🛄🌍 Travel Assistance
🚕🛫 Airport Transfers


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Strategic oasis in Hanoi! Hanoi Hotel Royal blends Victorian charm with modern flair. Conveniently located, impeccable service, and a heated shower that's pure bliss.
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Hanoi's Hidden Gem! Hanoi Hotel Royal is a stylish escape in the heart of the action. Smart TVs, airport transfers, and friendly staff - the strategic choice for savvy travelers. Can't wait to return!

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