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Hanoi Amorita Boutique Hotel & Travel


An Overview of the Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, the Hanoi Amorita Boutique Hotel & Travel is practically neighbors with Hoan Kiem Lake – you could practically throw a pebble into it from your window if it weren’t for those pesky laws against that sort of thing. 

Who needs pebble-throwing when you’ve got a 32-inch flat-screen TV in your room? If you’re not too busy admiring the television, stroll to the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre – because nothing says cultural immersion like puppets dancing on water.

And let’s talk about the rooms, shall we? Hardwood furniture, minibar, refrigerator – like they raided the dictionary of fancy hotel amenities. Need a hot shower? They’ve got you covered. 

Need a cold shower after realizing you spent too much on souvenirs at Dong Xuan Night Market? Well, that’s on you.

But wait, there’s more! Currency exchange, car rental, a tour desk – they’re saying, “Why leave the hotel when we’ve got everything you need?” And if you’re feeling particularly lazy, dine at the on-site restaurant. Vietnamese dishes galore! 

Because who needs to explore the local food scene when you can deliver it to your table?

So, dear traveler, if you’re ready to elevate your vacation from ‘meh’ to ‘OMG,’ book your stay at Hanoi Amorita Boutique Hotel & Travel now. 

Your 32-inch TV and I-wish-I-hadn’t-spent-so-much-at-the-market regrets await!


Popular Facilities:

  1. 📺 32-inch flat-screen TVs in every room
  2. 🍽️ On-site restaurant serving a variety of Vietnamese dishes
  3. 💼 Currency exchange services
  4. 🚗 Car rental services
  5. 🛁 En suite bathrooms with hot shower facilities
  6. 🛏️ Rooms featuring hardwood furniture
  7. 🍻 Proximity to Dong Xuan Night Market for shopping
  8. 🎭 Close to Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre for cultural experiences
  9. 🌐 Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel
  10. 🗺️ Tour desk for travel and sightseeing arrangements


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Stellar stay at Hanoi Amorita! The 32-inch TV in my room was bigger than my dreams, and the on-site restaurant made me rethink ever leaving the hotel. Hardwood furniture, hot showers, and proximity to both the market and puppet theatre – this place has it all. Would rate it six stars if I could.
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Hanoi Amorita Boutique Hotel is a gem in the Old Quarter. The hardwood-furnished rooms are a cozy retreat, and the 32-inch TV provided the perfect evening entertainment. The on-site restaurant served up delightful Vietnamese dishes, saving me from exploring the crowded food scene. Conveniently close to markets and cultural spots, this hotel made my Hanoi adventure hassle-free. Highly recommended!

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