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Peridot Grand Luxury Boutique Hotel


An Overview of the Hotel

Welcome to the Peridot Grand Hotel & Spa, where the concept of luxury gets a standing ovation. 

This place isn’t just a hotel; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. With not one, but two restaurants, three bars (because who can survive with just one?), an outdoor swimming pool that makes you question the existence of your bathtub, a fitness center that may guilt you into skipping that extra dessert, and a spa that practically turns stress into myth – this 5-star haven in Hanoi has it all.

The rooms? Oh, they’re not just rooms; they’re personal havens equipped with air conditioning to keep you cool, a flat-screen TV with cable channels for when you need a Netflix break from reality, a kettle because sometimes you need tea, a bidet for a touch of European sophistication, a hairdryer for those salon-worthy locks, and a desk to make it look like you’re working (we won’t tell anyone if you’re not). 

The bathroom is a shrine of cleanliness with a shower that makes you question your own at home and complimentary toiletries that will make you consider stealing them (but don’t; it’s not cool).

Free WiFi? Of course. Because even in paradise, you need to check your social media and pretend you’re not enjoying your vacation more than everyone back home. 

And when you think it can’t get any better, the room has a seating area. Because why sit on the bed when you can have a whole other spot to toss your clothes on?

But wait, there’s more! Breakfast is not just breakfast; it’s a choice between continental or buffet because why limit yourself when you can have it all? Need some fresh air? Step onto the sun terrace and contemplate life while sipping your morning coffee.

Are you feeling active? Take a bike and explore Hanoi like you’re in an indie movie montage. Are you feeling lazy? Rent a car and let someone else do the driving. 

Need to pretend you’re doing business? The business center has got you covered. Newspapers are available on-site for those who like to stay informed (or just like the feel of paper).

Oh, did we mention the location? It’s surrounded by cool stuff like Dong Xuan Market, the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater, and St. Joseph Cathedral. And if you’re jetting in or out, the airport is just a skip away with a paid shuttle service.

So why are you still reading this? Book your spot at Peridot Grand Hotel & Spa and upgrade your life! 

Because, let’s face it, you deserve it.


Popular Facilities:

🍽️ Two On-site Restaurants
🍸 Three Bars
🏊‍♂️ Outdoor Swimming Pool
💪 Fitness Center
💆‍♂️ Spa
🛋️ Shared Lounge
🛎️ 24-Hour Front Desk
🍳 Room Service
💱 Currency Exchange
🌐 Free WiFi
🚗 Car Rental
🚴‍♂️ Bike Rental
📰 Business Center
🍳 Continental/Buffet Breakfast
☀️ Sun Terrace
🚕 Paid Airport Shuttle


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Peridot Grand Hotel & Spa is not just a hotel; it's a mic drop in the world of luxury. Two words: Seating area. I've never felt so fancy tossing my clothes somewhere. 5 stars for making my vacation a lifestyle upgrade!
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If hotels were superheroes, Peridot Grand would be Iron Man. Two bars, a spa, and a pool that made me question my life choices. Plus, they had me at 'free WiFi.' Hanoi, you're cool, but this hotel? Next level.

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