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Lotte Hotel Hanoi


An Overview of the Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Hanoi, the Lotte Hotel is not just a place to crash; it’s a symphony of swankiness and strategic WiFi domination. 

This fortress of fancy boasts an outdoor pool, an indoor pool (because why not both?), a fitness center for the brave, and even a sauna for those who like to sweat without lifting a finger. Plus, they throw in free parking because nothing says luxury, like avoiding a parking fee.

This smoke-free paradise is a mere 1.2 km from the Giang Vo Exhibition Centre as if you needed another reason to strut your stuff at an exhibition. 

And if you’re feeling cultural, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is just 1.8 km away – a brisk stroll for your refined taste. But hold your pearls because the famous One Pillar Pagoda is 2.2 km away. Get ready for an Instagram-worthy pilgrimage.

But fear not, dear jet-setters, for the Lotte Hotel knows you’re not here for a geography lesson. Noi Bai International Airport is a breezy 20 km away, practically a stone’s throw for those who travel by catapult.

Now, let’s talk rooms. These air-conditioned havens offer city views to remind you that you are in the heart of civilization. Wardrobe? Check. In-room safe? Double check. Flat-screen cable/satellite TV for your Netflix binge? They’ve got you covered. And for those who want to feel like royalty, there’s even a sofa seating area – because why sit like a commoner?

The bathroom is a spa in disguise, featuring a bathtub, a separate shower (because choices matter), bathrobes to make you feel extra posh, and a hairdryer to tame your wild vacation hair.

Are you feeling stressed from all that luxury? Fear not. The Lotte Hotel’s spa is ready to pamper you like the VIP you are. The 24-hour front desk staff is at your beck and call for laundry, car rental, and tour arrangements. 

Need a ride to the airport? Sure, for a little extra cha-ching. I have a business to attend to. They’ve got you covered with their business facilities.

Hungry? The in-house restaurant dishes local and Western delights, and the bar is there for your post-meal sipping pleasure. 

And for those who want a BBQ fiesta, give them a holler. Room service? Of course, darling, this is the Lotte Hotel – they practically invented convenience.

So, there you have it. Lotte Hotel Hanoi – where luxury meets location, your Instagram game gets a serious upgrade.

Book now, and thank me later for introducing you to the epitome of luxury!


Popular Facilities:

🏊 Outdoor Pool
🏊‍♂️ Indoor Pool
💪 Fitness Center
🧖‍♂️ Sauna
🚗 Free Parking
🌐 Free WiFi
🌇 City Views
🛏 Air-Conditioned Rooms
🛁 Spa
🍽 In-House Restaurant
🍹 Bar
🍖 BBQ Facilities
🛎 24-Hour Front Desk
🚗 Airport Transfers (Extra Charge)
🧺 Laundry Service
🚗 Car Rental
🌐 Business Facilities (Extra Charge)
🍽 Room Service
🛌 Free Early Check-In
🕒 Late Check-Out (because who wants to leave early?)


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Lotte Hotel Hanoi is my travel jackpot! From the glam city views to the Insta-worthy spa, it's the epitome of luxe. Outdoor and indoor pools for every mood, and a sauna to remind me I'm living my best life. The 24-hour front desk is my fairy godmother, and the in-house restaurant? Pure culinary magic. If you're not booking, you're missing out!
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Lotte Hotel Hanoi is a traveler's dream. City views that'll make your heart skip a beat, air-conditioned bliss, and a spa to melt away the miles. The staff is the real MVP, sorting everything from laundry to airport transfers with a smile. Free parking and WiFi are like travel gold. I've found my Hanoi haven – it's the Lotte life for me.

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