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An Overview of the Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Hanoi like a hidden gem (well, not so hidden, but we’ll play along), GRAND HOTEL du LAC is a sweet escape from the chaos of life – and possibly the chaotic traffic outside. 

The air-conditioned rooms are like a cool breeze on a hot day, and the fitness center makes you feel guilty about the decadent Vietnamese cuisine you’re about to indulge in at their restaurant.

Need to impress someone with your globe-trotting lifestyle? Boast about the free WiFi on the terrace while sipping on a cocktail from the bar – it’s almost like being productive, but not really. 

The 24-hour front desk is perfect for those 3 AM cravings, whether for a midnight snack or a philosophical conversation with the receptionist about the meaning of life.

All rooms have the essentials: a desk for your imaginary novel, a flat-screen TV for Netflix binging, and a private bathroom to avoid awkward encounters with fellow guests in the hallway. Safety first, though – there’s a safety deposit box in case your travel buddy turns out to be a closet jewel thief.

And here’s a twist – some rooms even have balconies for those who like to live life on the edge, literally. 

City views are thrown in for free because why not? If you’re tired of staring at buildings, don’t worry – the wardrobe is there to judge your fashion choices, and the kettle is ready for late-night tea parties.

But let’s get serious for a moment – the real MVP here is the breakfast. Choose from continental, American, or Asian options to satisfy your morning cravings and set the tone for exploring Hanoi. 

As for exploring, this place is conveniently close to St. Joseph Cathedral, the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater (yes, you read that right), and Trang Tien Plaza for all your shopping needs.

Pack your bags, book a room, and brace yourself for a GRAND adventure in Hanoi. 

Because, let’s face it, your life could use a little more terrace cocktails and philosophical chats at 3 AM.


Popular Facilities:

Air-conditioned rooms ❄️
Fitness center 💪
Free WiFi 📶
Terrace with a view 🌆
The bar for cocktail therapy 🍹
Vietnamese cuisine restaurant 🍜
Room service 🛎️
24-hour front desk 🕰️
Currency exchange 💱
Desk in every room 📚
Flat-screen TV in every room 📺
Private bathroom in every room 🚿
Safety deposit box 🔒
Balcony in selected rooms 🌅
City views in selected rooms 🏙️
Wardrobe in every room 🚪
Kettle in every room ☕
Continental, American, or Asian breakfast options 🍳


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Grand Hotel du Lac is my Hanoi haven! From the chic terrace views to the midnight room service, they nailed it. The Vietnamese cuisine at their restaurant is a flavor explosion. I'd trade my daily grind for a daily stay here any day!
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If life is a journey, Grand Hotel du Lac is my pitstop of perfection in Hanoi. The 24/7 front desk saved my late-night cravings, and the balcony in my room made me feel like I owned the city. Five stars for the cityscape and the kettle that fueled my caffeine adventures!

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