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La Passion Hanoi Hotel & Spa


An Overview of the Hotel

Nestled smack dab in the beating heart of Hanoi, La Passion Hanoi Hotel & Spa is a hidden gem that blends convenience with a touch of swagger. 

Picture this: air-conditioned rooms with that “cool under pressure” vibe, a shared lounge where you can exchange epic travel tales (or snag the WiFi code), and a terrace practically begging for your Instagram debut. 

Are you feeling parched? They’ve got a bar with your name on it, and if you’re craving a taste of the good ol’ US of A, there’s an American cuisine joint just waiting to satisfy your burger and fries desires.

But hold on, there’s more! Need to whip up a midnight snack? There’s a shared kitchen for your culinary exploits. Are you feeling extra lazy? Hit up room service like the VIP you are. And yes, they even exchange your hard-earned cash for the local currency because who needs the hassle?

As for the rooms, think sleek flat-screen TVs, desks for those “I’m working, not binge-watching” moments, and private bathrooms so posh you might mistake them for a spa retreat. 

Some lucky rooms even come with a kitchenette – because why not channel your inner Gordon Ramsay while on vacation?

Wake up to the scent of an American breakfast as hearty as your love for hitting the snooze button. And for the active souls, bike rental is on the menu. Who knew cycling could be so chic?

Oh, and did I mention the staff? These wizards at La Passion Hanoi Hotel & Spa are like your personal travel gurus, dispensing advice at the reception like confetti at a parade.

Now, onto the star-studded neighborhood – within stumbling distance, you’ve got the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater (yes, you read that right), the Hanoi Old City Gate for your dose of history, and the Hanoi Opera House for a touch of highbrow culture. 

The cherry on top? The airport is a mere 24 km away, and they’ve got a fancy paid airport shuttle service to whisk you off to or from your adventures.

So, pack your bags, book that room, and prepare for a stay at La Passion Hanoi Hotel & Spa that will be more memorable than your last Netflix binge. 

It’s time to turn those wanderlust dreams into reality!


Popular Facilities:

🌐 Free WiFi
❄️ Air-conditioned Rooms
🍹 Bar
🍔 American Cuisine Restaurant
🍳 Shared Kitchen
🛎️ Room Service
💵 Currency Exchange
📺 Flat-screen TV
🚿 Private Bathroom
☕ Kettle in Rooms
🍽️ Kitchenette (in some rooms)
🍳 American Breakfast
🚲 Bike Hire
🛎️ 24/7 Reception
🚗 Paid Airport Shuttle Service


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The rooms are chill, the staff is fab, and the American breakfast is giving me life. Bonus: The bar is my new happy place.
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Two words: Total. Win. La Passion Hanoi Hotel & Spa nails it with a combo of style and substance. The shared kitchen saved my late-night cravings, and the staff's advice was spot-on.

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