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Nha Xanh Market

Tucked away in the vibrant Cau Giay District, Nha Xanh Market is Hanoi’s bustling night market haven for students.

Surrounded by universities, this marketplace comes alive from dawn till midnight, offering a unique blend of student-friendly shopping and delectable street foods.

Bargain Bonanza for Students

Nha Xanh Market, located on Phan Van Truong Street, is not just a market; it’s a student’s paradise. 

Dive into a sea of affordable goods where haggling is an art form. 

Unleash your inner negotiator to snag the best deals while exploring stalls with student-friendly prices.

Gastronomic Delights Under the Stars

For foodies and night owls alike, Nha Xanh Night Market serves up a feast of flavors. 

Indulge in must-try delights such as “that xian nuong,” “banh goi,” “nem nuong Nha Trang,” and the irresistible “che.” 

The market’s food offerings make it a top culinary destination for those exploring Hanoi after sunset.

Weekend Frenzy: Students’ Shopping Spree

As the weekend sun sets, Nha Xanh Market transforms into a bustling hub, drawing in crowds of shoppers, mainly students. 

Embrace the lively atmosphere and affordable goods as you join the weekend shopping frenzy. 

It’s a retail experience like no other in the heart of Hanoi.

Media Spotlight: Quirks and Charms

Nha Xanh Market isn’t just a shopping spot; it’s a headline-maker. 

Dive into the quirks and charms reported by local media, from chaotic parking fees to the market’s persistence in occupying sidewalks. 

Discover the market’s undeniable place in Hanoi’s urban tapestry.

Knockoffs and Conundrums

Explore the vibrant chaos, but beware of imitation games at Nha Xanh Market. 

Encounter tales of small traders peddling counterfeit goods while impersonating luxury brands. 

Uncover the complexities of a market where affordability meets the challenge of distinguishing genuine from fake.

From Paradise to Hanoi’s “Hellish” Market

Please note that Nha Xanh Market has seen its share of ups and downs in student shopping. 

The market has weathered various storms, from trader attitudes resembling “cursing noodles and cursing porridge” to flooded summer escapades. 

Yet, within this urban chaos lies the undeniable charm of a marketplace that refuses to be tamed.

Nha Xanh Market

Nha Xanh Market Traveler’s Guide

LocationCau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam
AddressPhan Van Truong street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
Opening HoursEvery day, early morning till midnight
SpecialtyNight market catering to students with affordable goods and diverse street food
Recommended Items“Thit xien nuong,” “banh goi,” “nem nuong Nha Trang,” and “che”
Weekend ExperienceBustling atmosphere with increased activity, mainly attracting students
Media CoverageHighlighted for its unique charm, occasional challenges, and urban tapestry




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