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Hang Da Market

In the heart of Hanoi, the beautiful Hang Da Market beckons locals and wanderlust-infected travelers alike.

Formerly known as the leather-centric “Hang Da,” this market has undergone a chic transformation, evolving into a small shopping haven offering a kaleidoscope of goods, from gastronomic delights to trendy clothing and jewelry.

From Leather to Luxury: Hang Da’s Evolution

Once dedicated to leather goods, Hang Da Market has shed its old skin and emerged as a modern shopping complex.

 Now, it’s not just a market; it’s a vibrant space to discover various products, including delectable treats, stylish apparel, and even a dedicated play zone for the little explorers.

Hang Da vs. Dong Xuan: Size Isn’t Everything

While the grandeur of Dong Xuan Market might dwarf Hang Da Market, it compensates with a curated selection of retail treasures. 

Navigate the aisles easily as you explore fresh produce, fine wine, blooming flowers, and fashion finds. 

Hang Da is your compact, stylish companion for a retail therapy rendezvous.

Morning Magic at Hang Da

Set your alarm for a morning escapade at Hang Da Market. Dive into the basement’s cornucopia of fresh delights—meat, fish, fruits, and veggies. 

Ascend to the first floor for top-notch beverages and confectionery. 

Don’t resist the allure of Hanoi street food; take a pause and relish local delights like “xôi chả cua” and “miến lươn.”

Ao Dai Extravaganza: Silk and Tradition

Embark on a fashion journey at Hang Da Market, where Vietnamese traditional dresses, known as “Ao Dai,” steal the spotlight. 

Crafted from authentic silk with intricate embroidery, these dresses are a testament to timeless elegance. 

Indulge in a shopping spree that blends culture with couture.

Hang Da’s Pictorial Charm

Beyond its vibrant marketplace, Hang Da captivates with a picturesque exterior—a white, multi-perforated façade that hints at the market’s potential transformation into boutique outlets. 

Snap away with your camera, capturing the timeless elegance of this architectural gem.

Bargain Hunting Extravaganza

Prepare your negotiation skills when venturing into Hang Da Market. Bargaining isn’t just recommended; it’s an art form.

Start at 50%, dance around the midpoints, but don’t let the price drop below 25%. 

The thrill of the deal awaits at 1 Pho Hang Da—don’t miss it!

Hang Da Market

Hang Da Market Overview

LocationIn the heart of Hanoi’s capital, near attractions like Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
EvolutionTransformed from a leather market into a modern shopping mall
SizeSmaller than Dong Xuan but offers a diverse range of products
Best Time to VisitMornings for fresh food, afternoons for beverages and confectionery
SpecialtyKnown for offering high-quality Vietnamese traditional dresses, “Ao Dai.”
Pictorial CharmWhite multi-perforated façade adds to its picturesque exterior
BargainingAdvised and expected; start at 50%, don’t go below 25%



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