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Cho Gioi

Welcome to Cho Gioi (Chợ Giời), the vibrant flea market that adds a dash of unpredictability to your Hanoi adventure! 

Known colloquially as Flea Market, this bustling bazaar at Hoa Binh Market is your one-stop shop for everything from the tiniest trinkets to roaring motorbikes and cool electronics.

Back in Time: The Evolution of Cho Gioi

Step into the time capsule as we uncover the roots of Cho Gioi, a marketplace that sprouted around 1954-55 when savvy individuals fleeing to the South decided to part ways with their family’s pre-loved possessions. 

Fast forward to the subsidy era (1965-1986), and “Cho Gioi” became synonymous with spontaneous open-air exchanges, setting it apart from the covered markets in Hanoi.

The Unconventional Exchange Hub

Cho Gioi isn’t your typical market; it’s a melting pot of hand-carried goods, unbranded gems, and even the occasional ‘sida’ (unlabeled) or stolen item. 

Despite attempts to relocate it to PhuStreetg Street, the market stood its ground – a testament to its irreplaceable role in Hanoian life.

Where to Find Cho Gioi’s Hidden Gem

Nestled at the end of the Street and weaving through Dong Nhan, Tran Cao Van, Chua Vua, Thinh Yen, and Yen Bai 2 streets, Cho Gioi is a labyrinth of bargains. 

Zoom around on your motorbike as the closely packed stalls offer a treasure trove for buyers and sellers alike.

Cho Gioi Chronicles: Features and Changes

From being a hub for second-hand goods, Cho Gioi has evolved into a diverse marketplace. 

Wander through its expanse to discover the Pho Hue ward police headquarters and iconic relics like the King Pagoda. 

Today, new goods take center stage, with old treasures playing a supporting role.

Market Marvels: Thinh Yen Street and Beyond

Thinh Yen Street, a gateway to the market, isn’t just any street – it’s a symphony of music discs, electronic gadgets, and more. 

Dive into a world of CDs, VCDs, DVDs, televisions, amplifiers, and music systems. 

The vicinity of King’s Pagoda offers electronic components and computer wonders.

Behind the Scenes: Gioi Market Unveiled

Gioi Market, often rumored to be the place to reclaim stolen goods, is a spectacle. 

Tales circulate of buying back your lost items. 

Uncover the truth about the market’s infamous reputation for trading even license plates!

End of an Era: A Glimpse into Gioi Market’s Past

Established in 1954, Gioi Market has been a Hanoi institution specializing in unconventional–straked goods, counterfeits, and second-hand treasures. 

Operating under the streets of Tran Cao Van, Yen Bai, Thinh Yen, and King Pagoda, it houses around 700 eclectic business households.

Your Hanoi Adventure Awaits – Dive into Cho Gioi!

Embrace the vibrant chaos of Cho Gioi – where history, bargains, and Hanoi’s spirit collide. 

Navigate the narrow alleys, unveil hidden gems, and create your tales amidst the eclectic offerings. 

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Let our expert guides whisk you through the city’s pulse, culminating in a visit to the iconic Cho Gioi. 

Feel the wind in your hair as you explore the market’s treasures, soaking in the rich tapestry of Hanoi’s past and present. 

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Cho Gioi

Cho Gioi Market Details

Market NameCho Gioi Market (Hoa Binh Market)
Formation YearAround 1954-1955
Evolution Period1954-1986 (subsidy era)
LocationEnd of Hue Street, Dong Nhan, Tran Cao Van, Chua Vua, Thinh Yen, Yen Bai 2 streets
FeaturesVaried goods, including new and old items; police headquarters and King Pagoda within the market
Market AreasThinh Yen Street – CDs, VCDs, DVDs, electronic products; Near King’s Pagoda – electronic components and computers
Notable FactIt is rumored to be a place to buy back stolen items, including license plates.



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