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VATC Sleep Pod Terminal 1


An Overview of the Hotel

Nestled in the hustle and bustle of Noi Bai International Airport, the VATC SleepPod is like a secret hideout for tired travelers. 

You’ll find these cozy sleeping pods playing hide-and-seek on the second and third floors of Terminal 1, just waiting to cradle you in comfort. And guess what? The WiFi is as complimentary as that airline peanuts bag you stashed in your carry-on.

Step into your personal capsule kingdom equipped with a flat-screen TV (with more cable channels than you knew existed), a telephone for those important wake-up calls, and an alarm clock that’s probably more reliable than your internal body clock. 

They have the whole bedtime package – clean blankets, sheets, and pillows that won’t make you miss your bed too much.

The front desk is on a 24/7 grind, ready to assist you like your travel genie. As if that’s not enough, they’ll treat you to complimentary water and snacks – the proper VIP treatment.

And hold onto your boarding pass because you’ll score discounts at various airport terminal restaurants. Dining in style just got a whole lot more affordable.

Now, about the location. If you’re into palaces and lakes, Thanh Chuong Palace is a mere 4.3 miles away, while West Lake beckons from 12 miles away. It’s practically a royal tour. 

No need to worry about bathroom breaks on the property; you’ll have to share your toilet tales at the airport. Just a heads up – these pods are like that excellent friend’s place you crash at for the night, not a permanent residence.

Pro tip: If you’re stuck in the security zone but craving the SleepPod magic, flash that entry visa and go to the public area. It’s worth the adventure.

Ready to add a touch of adventure to your layover or catch up on those Zs? 

Book your SleepPod escape now and turn your airport stay into a slumber party worth remembering! 🌙💤


Popular Facilities:

🛏 Cozy SleepPods on the second and third floors of Terminal 1
📺 Flat-screen TV with cable channels in each capsule room
☎ Telephone for those wake-up calls (because jet lag is real)
⏰ Reliable alarm clock to make sure you catch that flight
🛌 Clean blankets, sheets, and pillows for a dreamy slumber
🕒 24-hour front desk – your travel genie is always on call
🚰 Complimentary water to keep you hydrated
🍿 Snack attack! Enjoy complimentary snacks during your stay
🍽 Discounts at various airport terminal restaurants
🌐 Complimentary WiFi in all areas for your digital needs
🚽 Shared toilet adventures in the airport (because bathroom sharing builds character)


Read More
Just had the most surprisingly luxe layover at VATC SleepPod! The SleepPods are like tiny sleep sanctuaries, complete with a TV binge kit and a snack stash. The discounts at the terminal restaurants are a game-changer.
Read More
SleepPods at Noi Bai Airport are a traveler's best-kept secret. It's like a slumber party in the sky – comfy, cozy, and complete with complimentary snacks! The shared toilet situation is an adventure, but hey, it's all part of the journey, right? 10/10 would pod again.

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