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Grand Cititel Hanoi Hotel


An Overview of the Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem district, the Grand Cititel Hanoi Hotel is like the James Bond of accommodations, with a license to thrill just a 3-minute walk away from cultural hotspots like the Vietnam Revolution Museum, National Museum of Vietnamese History, and the Hanoi Opera House. It’s not just a hotel; it’s a front-row seat to the city’s history, minus the espionage.

Picture this: you roll out of bed (after enjoying a buffet breakfast that’s a Michelin-starred performance) and find yourself surrounded by stylish rooms that scream, “I woke up like this.” 

Air conditioning? Check. Cable flat-screen TV? Check. Personal safe for your secrets and a desk to write the next great spy novel? Double check. The private bathroom is a secret hideout with a shower and complimentary toiletries, ensuring you’re always ready for your next mission.

Need to rendezvous with the front desk? No worries, they’re on call 24/7 and even have a self-check-in machine that makes you feel like a secret agent bypassing security. 

Are you feeling the need to pump up those spy muscles? There’s a gym that’s more like a training ground for your next mission.

But wait, there’s more! Within a mere 10-minute drive, you can reach iconic landmarks like Hoan Kiem Lake, the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater (because nothing says spy like water puppets), and St. Joseph Cathedral. 

And for your grand escape, Noi Bai International Airport is just a 45-minute drive away, ensuring you can slip away like a phantom at night.

So, fellow adventurer, if you’re ready for a more shaken, not stirred stay, book your mission room at the Grand Cititel Hanoi Hotel. 

Your next great escape awaits!


Popular Facilities:

🍽️ On-site Restaurant
🌐 Free WiFi
❄️ Air-Conditioned Stylish Rooms
📺 Cable Flat-Screen TV
🗄️ Personal Safe and Desk
🚿 Private Bathroom
🕵️‍♂️ 24-Hour Front Desk
🤖 Self-Check-In Machine
💪 Gym Room
📍 Proximity to Landmarks
✈️ Airport Accessibility


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Grand Cititel Hanoi is not just a hotel; it's a trendsetter's dream! Stylish rooms, seamless self-check-in, and a gym for those Instagram-worthy workout stories.
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From self-check-in gadgets to stylish hideouts, this place is a 5-star mission control. The buffet breakfast is a cover for international operations.

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