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Aloha Hotel


An Overview of the Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Hanoi, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (well, more like a 2.4-mile saunter), Aloha Hotel offers a picturesque view of a garden that’s straight out of your wildest Instagram dreams. 

And they’ve got quite the bag of tricks up their two-star sleeves.

If you ever catch a sudden urge to check in at 3 AM or maybe midnight, fear not, because Aloha Hotel’s 24-hour front desk is there to welcome you with open arms or at least a welcoming nod. 

And for overpackers or just plain shopaholics, the hotel has your back with luggage storage space. They’ve also got this cool thing called “free private parking,” essentially a golden ticket in parking woes.

But the real kicker? Bike rentals! Want to channel your inner Tour de France and pedal around to explore the area? Aloha Hotel has you covered. They’ll hand you the keys to freedom, two-wheeled style.

Now, let’s talk rooms. These cozy cocoons are packed with modern amenities like air conditioning to keep you chill, a flat-screen TV for Netflix binging, a fridge for all your snack stashing needs, an electric teapot for your daily caffeine fix, a bidet because, well, why not, and complimentary toiletries to make you feel pampered.

If you’ve ever dreamed of a room with a view, you’re in luck because some of their rooms come with a sweet city view.

As for your internet addiction, Aloha Hotel gets you. Free WiFi is part of the deal. 

And they even throw in bed linen and towels because who wants to pack them?

So, Aloha Hotel is beckoning if you’re looking for a budget-friendly, garden-view gazing, bike-riding, cozy nest with a side of city vibes. 

Pack your bags (or at least book online), and let the adventure begin!


Popular Facilities:

🏞️ Garden View Rooms: Enjoy picturesque garden views from your cozy accommodation.
🌟 24-Hour Front Desk: Around-the-clock service to cater to your needs, no matter when you arrive.
🧳 Luggage Storage: Store your excess baggage while you explore the city.
🚗 Free Private Parking: Say goodbye to parking hassles and hello to complimentary parking.
🚲 Bike Rental: Embark on two-wheeled adventures to explore the surroundings.
❄️ Air Conditioning: Keep your cool in the comfort of your room.
📺 Flat-screen TV: Enjoy your favorite shows and movies on a modern television.
🍔 Fridge: Store your snacks, beverages, or leftovers.
☕ Electric Tea Pot: Brew a fresh cup of tea whenever desired.
🚽 Bidet: For a touch of luxury in your bathroom experience.
🧴 Free Toiletries: Pamper yourself with complimentary bathroom essentials.
🪥 Private Bathroom: Your bathroom with a shower and hairdryer.
📶 Free WiFi: Stay connected with high-speed internet during your stay.
🏙️ City View (in some rooms): Get a glimpse of the urban landscape from select rooms.
🛏️ Bed Linen and Towels: There is no need to pack these essentials; they’re provided for comfort.


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Aloha Hotel is a hidden gem in Hanoi! The garden view rooms make you feel like you're in a lush paradise, and the 24-hour front desk is a traveler's dream. Free parking? Yes, please! I also loved borrowing bikes to explore the city. Can't wait to come back!
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The city view from my room was stunning. The 24-hour front desk ensured a smooth check-in at any hour. The complimentary parking was a lifesaver in Hanoi's busy streets.

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